To Kill the King (band)

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To Kill the King
Origin Vernon, New Jersey, United States
Genres Melodic hardcore
Years active2005-2011
Labels Unsigned
Associated acts We Still Have Paris
My Aim Is True
Color Blind Light
Website Official website
MembersKevin Kumetz
Rob Baranoff
Matt Figliolino
Mike Wuchter
Vin Van Zile
Nick Van Zile
Past membersScotty David
Joey Laga
Nick Mazoratti

To Kill the King is an American melodic hardcore band formed in New Jersey, United States, in 2005. The band is known for their energetic live show, crowd participation, and being an affront to God.



To Kill The King formed in the summer of 2005 with the demise of several local bands. Kevin recruited the members after the break of his former band, Color Blind Light. The band started writing and recording music at a home studio for several months. In the summer of 2006, they released a self-funded, self-recorded album entitled The Time Still Ticks (EP) . Since 2005, the band had several member changes, before finally reverting to the original lineup.

The band had posted a countdown on their Myspace page in June. Myspace. [1] When the countdown had reached 0, the band posted the first single from their new LP, the song is entitled Dark Greetings Empty Meanings

On November 9, the band posted a blog on their Myspace. They are done with recording the full length LP and it is to be mixed by Steve Evetts (Every Time I Die, Our Last Night, Story Of The Year) and will contain 12 songs.

On November 23 the band posted on their Myspace that original member and guitarist Nick Mazorati would be departing the band due to conflicts with school and that he would be replaced by Michael Wuchter, a member of My Aim is True.

As of December 2, 2008, the band updated their Myspace page with a top image of only an eye and a 9. It is assumed that this image represents 2009, the year the as-of-now-untitled album will be released. They had also posted a blog to encourage promotion, they asked Myspace friends to change their image to this eye, and in return the user would get a new song.

The new LP is entitled "I Am Not The Answer" and is due out in 2009.

To Kill The King uses Gibson, Washburn, and LTD guitars. Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals, and Marshall amps.

Members of To Kill The King have gone on to pursue new musical projects such as JUST and armywives.


To Kill The King only embarked on one tour in their short time as a band. To Kill The King toured with close friends I Am The End in 2006. [2] After a successful tour and a rapidly growing fan base, To Kill The King disbanded shortly after. The band played a so-called "last show" in early January, 2007 in Warwick, NY to a sold-out crowd. [1] Since then, the band has played a few shows in the NY/NJ area with all original members.

To Kill The King went on tour during mid 2009.





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