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The meaning of life pertains to the significance of living or existence in general.

Mary J. Blige American singer-songwriter from New York, Queen of Hip-Hop Soul

Mary Jane Blige is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, and philanthropist. Her career began in 1991 when she was signed to Uptown Records. She went on to release 13 studio albums, eight of which have achieved multi-platinum worldwide sales. Blige has sold 50 million albums in the United States and 80 million records worldwide. Blige has won nine Grammy Awards, four American Music Awards, twelve Billboard Music Awards and has also received three Golden Globe Award nominations, including one for her supporting role in the film Mudbound (2017) and another for its original song "Mighty River". Furthermore, she also received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song, becoming the first person nominated for acting and songwriting in the same year.

Alive may refer to:

Life is the characteristic that distinguishes organisms from inorganic substances and dead objects.

Church may refer to:

Yesterday or yesterdays may refer to:

Lust for Life may refer to:

Half-life is a mathematical and scientific description of exponential or gradual decay.

Loser or Losers may refer to:

Get a life or Get a Life may refer to:

High Life or The High Life may refer to:

The Legacy may refer to:

Way of life may refer to:

Help may refer to:

Life as We Know It or Life as We Knew It may refer to:

You Light Up My Life may refer to:

Madison Beer American singer

Madison Elle Beer is an American singer and songwriter. Born to a Jewish family in New York, she began posting covers to YouTube in early 2012. Beer gained substantial media coverage when Justin Bieber posted a link to one of her covers. She released her debut single, "Melodies", in 2013.

Shameless may refer to: