To the Grave

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To the Grave
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Studio album by
Released9 January 2009
Genre Heavy metal, power metal
Label Napalm
Producer Tommy Hansen
Iron Fire chronology
Blade of Triumph
To the Grave
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To the Grave is the fifth studio album of the Danish heavy metal band Iron Fire. It was released through Napalm Records on 9 January 2009. [2]


Track listing

  1. "The Beast from the Blackness" - 4:50
  2. "Kill for Metal" - 4:11
  3. "The Demon Master" - 4:00
  4. "Cover the Sun" - 4:54
  5. "To the Grave" - 3:39
  6. "March of the Immortals" - 4:03
  7. "The Kingdom" - 4:24
  8. "Frozen in Time" - 5:26
  9. "Hail to Odin" - 4:59
  10. "Doom Riders" - 5:41
  11. "Ghost of Vengeance" - 4:26
  12. "The Battlefield" - 5:09

Tracks 1,2,5,6,7,9 & 11 written by: Martin Steene
Tracks 3,4,8,10 & 12 written by: Martin Steene & Kirk Backarach

Album line-up

Guest musicians

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