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Carlsson is a Swedish patronymic surname meaning "son of Carl" or "Carl’s son". Cognates include Carlson and Karlsson. The parallel Danish-Norwegian forms are Karlsen and Carlsen.

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Tobias Karlsson is a Swedish figure skater. He is the 1994 Swedish national champion. As a professional skater. He has also worked as a coach. Among his current and former students are Pauline Espegren and Marie Skärgård.

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tobias Karlsson (dancer)</span>

Erik Tobias Karlsson, is a Swedish competitive dancer and choreographer. Karlsson has been dancing since the age of eight, and has been a professional dancer and choreographer mainly in ballroom dancing since 1999. He has participated in several seasons of the TV4 celebrity dance show Let's Dance, he won the third season of the show dancing with Tina Nordström. He has also danced along with Arja Saijonmaa, Anna Sahlin, Elisabet Höglund, Agneta Sjödin Tina Thörner, Camilla Henemark and latest in 2013 along with Anette Norberg. He has all in all participated in fourteen seasons of the celebrity dance show both in Sweden and the Danish version Vild med dans where he has danced with Sofie Stougaard, Zindy Laursen och Tina Lund. He has also danced in the Norwegian version Skal vi danse along with celebrities Triana Iglesiasa and Cecilie Skog.

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