Tobias Zilliacus

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Tobias Zilliacus
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Tobias Zilliacus in 2013.
Born (1971-09-30) 30 September 1971 (age 52)
Nationality Finnish
Years active1995 – present
Spouse Linda Zilliacus

Lars Emil Tobias Zilliacus (born 30 September 1971) is a Swedish-speaking Finnish actor. He is best known of his role in the 2012 Swedish crime film The Hypnotist . In 2015, Zilliacus appeared in British TV series Fortitude .



2003 Nousukausi Tuomas
2004 Beyond the Front Line Harry Järv
2004 Kukkia ja sidontaa Elis Makkonen
2006 Onni von Sopanen Josku's father
2009 One Foot Under Visa
2011 Iris Elias
2012 The Hypnotist Joona Linna
2021 Oslo Jan Egeland
2024 Stormskerry Maja Mickel, Maja's father

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Zilliacus is a Finland-Swedish surname that may refer to

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Linda Elvira Zilliacus is a Swedish-speaking Finnish actor. Since 2001 she has been married to Tobias Zilliacus.

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Thicker Than Water is a television drama produced by Sweden's SVT in cooperation with Finland's Svenska Yle. Most of the action is set in Åland. The show's first season, consisting of ten episodes, was shown in Sweden in 2014, the second in 2016.