Todd Lamb (writer)

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Todd Lamb
BornMarch 1976 (age 4546)
Nationality Flag of the United States.svg American
Other namesRock Ninja
Occupationwriter, director

Todd Lamb (born March 1976) is an American writer and director based out of New York City. He has written under the moniker Rock Ninja, as well as his birth name. He created the popular Rock Ninja! concert reviews that recurred in The SF Weekly . This editorial series featured a ninja who would attend concerts and review them in a kung-fu voice. The final Rock Ninja! article was a meeting backstage with the Beastie Boys, entitled "Pawns in The Sun", the series ran for two years but stopped in late 2004.


His comedy and pranks have been featured in Stop Smiling Magazine, Larry Flynt's Big Brother Skateboarding Magazine, Radar Magazine, SF Weekly (with those articles later syndicated in sister newspaper The Riverfront Times ), The Warlock zine, New York's Wooooo Magazine.

Books and Printed Materials

A book titled Yo, Check The Perm! was released in September 2007. Lamb gathered 15 people in the New York area and gave them perms in a claimed effort to "make their lives more dangerous." This book contains photography of each person that received the hairdo and case studies of each incident. This book was featured in the 2007 issue of Nylon Magazine.

A series of pocket-sized books by Lamb, entitled The Big Book of Wisdom, features lessons that Lamb gathered, collected in multiple travel size versions in volumes focused on romance, office, and art. Swedish artist and illustrator Johan Malmström drew illustrations that correspond with Lamb's writings. The series was designed to be carried when leaving the house.

Lamb was the creator of the zine titled "Brown Trip", which received praise from Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine and was featured in a 2007 issue. It was a small printed booklet with hand-penned art. Brown Trip was designed to test whether the reader was a hippie. Only 100 copies were created.

In 2008 Lamb began posting notes around NYC asking New Yorkers to do tedious things with a character named "Chris." Each note is signed by "Chris" and asks people for rides to malls, advice on life, and help with pets. [1] The ongoing project has been titled Notes From Chris. The notes have been noticed by some around New York City and the internet, with imitators attempting to re-create and imitate the signs as far away as Australia.[ citation needed ]

Film, Television, and Commercial Work

Lamb has appeared on TV shows including Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as a serious man who breaks a world record for whoopie cushion sitting. In 2009 Lamb co-created an animated television program with director Aaron Stewart through production studio Hornet Inc. It is reportedly in development with a cable television network and called The Bloody Band Aidz about a wild rock band that lives in New Jersey on town arrest. No air date has yet been reported for the series.

He has created television commercials for advertising agencies Mother] and Goodby Silverstein & Partners. While at the Goodby Silverstein & Partners agency, Lamb created a public service announcement, directed by Jeff Goodby, for the Marin Cancer Project that won the agency's first Emmy Award.

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