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Todd Thomas may refer to:

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Calvin (given name) Name list

Calvin is a masculine given name. It has been especially popular among American Protestants, who may be baptized as John Calvin to honor the religious leader, although in the judgement of the Oxford Dictionary of First Names, the modern given name "owes its popularity as much to the New York fashion designer Calvin Klein [b. 1942] as to the theologian". In the United States, the name had a short burst of popularity in the mid-to-late 1920s, due to president Calvin Coolidge and has remained of limited but more or less constant popularity since.

Todd is a surname meaning "fox", and may refer to:

Devlin (surname) Surname list

O'Devlin is the surname of a Gaelic Irish family of the Uí Néill who were chiefs in the far northeastern of the present-day County of Tyrone, bordering on Lough Neagh and the Ballinderry River. The O'Develins claimed a common descent from Develin. Develin was a scion of that branch of the clan Owen known as the Sons of Erca because of their descent from Muirchertach Mac Erca, grandson of Owen.

Bennett is an English language surname and, less commonly, a given name. Alternative spellings include Bennet, Benett and Benet.

Dallas is a surname of Scottish and English origin, as well as a given name. When of Scottish origin the name is a habitational name, derived from Dallas near Forres. This place-name is likely derived from the British dol "meadow" + gwas "dwelling". This name also appears in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. When of English origin the name is a habitational name, derived from the Old English dæl, or Old Norse dalr "valley" + hus "house". An example of such a derivation is Dalehouse in North Yorkshire. The name can also be a topographic name, derived in the same fashion.

Jeff or Jeffrey Williams may refer to:

Todd is a male given name. The name originated from Middle English where it means "fox".

Vaněk is a Czech language surname that is a diminutive of the name Václav or Veceslav, which means "greater glory", from the Old Slavic elements viece "greater" and slav "glory". Alternative spellings of the name include Vaněk, Vaňková, Vankova, and Wanek. The name may refer to:

Kane is an Irish surname. The name is an anglicisation of Cathán meaning descendant of the war like or a sept of Scottish Clan MacMillan.

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Bridges is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

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Tipton is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Todd Howard is an American video game designer, director, and producer.

Carlyle is a given name and surname. Surname is derived from Carlisle. Given name may be an elaboration of Carl. Notable people with the name include the following: