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Todhills may refer to the following places in the United Kingdom:

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Rest area public area, usually adjacent to limited-access highway, used for rest from travel

A rest area is a public facility, located next to a large thoroughfare such as a motorway, expressway, or highway, at which drivers and passengers can rest, eat, or refuel without exiting onto secondary roads. Other names include: motorway service area (UK), services (UK), travel plaza, rest stop (US), service area, rest and service area (RSA), resto, service plaza, lay-by, and service centre. Facilities may include park-like areas, fuel stations, public toilets, water fountains, restaurants, and dump and fill stations for caravans.

Spennymoor Human settlement in England

Spennymoor is a town and civil parish in County Durham, England. It stands above the Wear Valley about 7 mi (11 km) south of Durham. The town was founded over 160 years ago. The Town Council area, which includes the villages of Kirk Merrington, Middlestone Moor, Byers Green and Tudhoe, has a population of about 20,000.

Todhills, County Durham Human settlement in England

Todhills is a village in County Durham, in England. It is situated a few miles to the north of Bishop Auckland, between Newfield and Byers Green.

Moto Hospitality company which operates 58 motorway service stations across the United Kingdom

Moto Hospitality is a company which operates 58 motorway service stations across the United Kingdom. It is currently the UK's biggest service area operator. Moto is owned by USS, who bought it from Macquarie. Macquarie Bank managed Moto between when Compass Group sold off SSP in April 2006 for £1,822 million and late 2015. As they have new owners and to keep up with their rivals, Moto is currently refurbishing sites with new restaurants.

Rockcliffe, Cumbria Human settlement in England

Rockcliffe is a village and civil parish in the City of Carlisle district of Cumbria, England. Part of the parish is a marshy peninsula between the mouths of the rivers Esk and Eden. The parish includes the settlements of Rockcliffe, Rockcliffe Cross, Floristonrigg, Todhills, Low Harker and Harker.

Motorway service area motorway services in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Motorway service areas in the United Kingdom and Ireland, also known as 'service stations' or 'services', are places where drivers can leave a motorway to refuel/recharge, rest, eat and drink, shop or stay in an on-site overnight hotel. The vast majority of motorway services in the UK are owned by one of three companies: Moto, Welcome Break and Roadchef. Smaller operators include Extra, Westmorland and EuroGarages.

Todhills, Cumbria Human settlement in England

Todhills is a small village on the outskirts of Carlisle, Cumbria, England. The village's name is from Old English tota-hyll "look-out hill". Located north of Carlisle, nestled between the border city and Gretna, Todhills is so small that it really is known as a hamlet and not a village. Amongst the houses there is a pub, a post box and a telephone box.

Ardrossan Railway railway that ran services between Kilwinning and Ardrossan in Scotland

The Ardrossan Railway was a railway company in Scotland built in the mid-19th century that primarily ran services between Kilwinning and Ardrossan, as well as freight services to and from collieries between Kilwinning and Perceton. The line was later merged with the Glasgow and South Western Railway, and is today part of the Ayrshire Coast Line.

Metal Bridge, Cumbria Human settlement in England

Metal Bridge is a small settlement in Cumbria, England between Carlisle and Gretna, formerly on the main A74 road.

River Irvine river in Ayrshire, Scotland, UK draining into the Firth of Clyde

The River Irvine is a river that flows through southwest Scotland. Its watershed is on the Lanarkshire border of Ayrshire at an altitude of 810 feet (250 m) above sea-level, near Loudoun Hill, Drumclog, and 7 miles SW by W of Strathaven. It flows 29 12 mi (47.5 km) westward, dividing the old district of Cunninghame from that of Kyle, until it reaches the sea via Irvine Harbour in the form of the Firth of Clyde, and flows into Irvine Bay by the town of Irvine. It has many tributaries, some of which form parish, district and other boundaries.

Ardeer, North Ayrshire Human settlement in Scotland

Ardeer was a small town now officially incorporated into Stevenston on the Ardeer peninsula, in the parish of Stevenston, North Ayrshire, originally an island and later its extensive sand dune system became the site of Nobel Explosives, a dominant global supplier of explosives to the mining and quarrying industries and a major player in the design and development of products for the chemical and defence industries during the 20th century.

The 1937 Coronation Honours were awarded in honour of the coronation of George VI.

Todhills Rest Area

Todhills Rest Area is a rest area in between Junctions 44 and 45 of the M6 motorway in England. It is the last Services northbound on the M6 and the first southbound. It was first opened in the 1980s on the A74. When the M6 was extended in 2008, it was initially believed that Todhills would need to close so the road could be widened, but this did not prove to be the case, and the widening scheme was completed without having to close the rest area.

Clarence Railway

The Clarence Railway was an early railway company that operated in north-east England between 1833 and 1853. The railway was built to take coal from mines in County Durham to ports on the River Tees and was a competitor to the Stockton and Darlington Railway (S&DR). It suffered financial difficulty soon after it opened because traffic was low and the S&DR charged a high rate for transporting coal to the Clarence, and the company was managed by the Exchequer Loan Commissioners after July 1834. An extension of the Byers Green branch was opened in 1839 by the independent West Durham Railway to serve collieries in Weardale.

Byers Green railway station

Byers Green railway station was one of three railway stations that served in the village of Byers Green in County Durham, Northeast England.

Spennymoor railway station was a railway station that served the Spennymoor, County Durham, England from 1845 to 1952 on the Byers Green Branch of the Clarence Railway.