Todor Todorov

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Todor Todorov may refer to:

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Kolev is a common Bulgarian surname derived from the name of Nikolaj, Kolja. It is the surname of sons and daughters of a father who is named Nikolaj. Notable people with the name Kolev include:

Stanimir Todorov is a Bulgarian pair skater. He competed with Rumiana Spassova. They are three-time Bulgarian national champions and placed 19th at the 2006 Winter Olympics, becoming the first Bulgarian pair skaters to compete at the Olympics.

Todor Todorov (footballer, born May 1982) Bulgarian footballer

Todor Todorov is a Bulgarian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Svetkavitsa Targovishte. He is known for his skill in saving penalties.

Georgi Todorov may refer to:

Georgi Todorov (weightlifter) Bulgarian weightlifter

Georgi Todorov is a retired Bulgarian weightlifter who won the silver medal in the featherweight class at the 1976 Summer Olympics. Furthermore, he's been two times World weightlifting champion and three times European weightlifting champion. Honorary citizen of the city of Varna.

Ivan Todorov Tuparov is a retired Bulgarian long jumper.

Todorov, feminine Todorova is a Bulgarian surname:

Ivan Ivanov may refer to:

Todor Todorov (sculptor) Bulgarian sculptor

Todor Todorov is a Bulgarian sculptor. He studied his masters at National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria and graduated in 1977. Since 1975 he has primarily produced large scale works in the area of public sculpture and elemental sculpture. His kinetic sculpture "Dance" was one of the 19 directly invited/awarded sculptures placed permanently in the Olympic Buildings for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Other kinetic sculptures of Todor Todorov can be seen at Artparks Sculpture Park, Guernsey UK, Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney, Venice Sculpture Park, designed by Carlo Scarpa etc. In 2004 and 2005 he won First Prize awards for Kinetic Sculpture in the Kinetic Art Organization's International Kinetic Art Competition, in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. One of his bronze sculpture "Totem" has been placed at the New Town Square of Hamilton, Scotland for the Millennium celebration.

Yordan is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

Todor Todorov is a Bulgarian footballer who plays as a defender.

Petrov or Petroff or Petrova, is one of the most common surnames in Russia and Bulgaria. The surname is derived from the first name Pyotr or Petar and literally means Pyotr's or Petar's. It is the last name of the following people:

Hristov or Khristov is a Bulgarian surname meaning "son of Hristo" or "Hristo's". The female version of the surname is Hristova, which may refer to:

Marinov is a Bulgarian masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Marinova (Маринова). It may refer to:

Lyubomir is a Bulgarian masculine given name, a variant of the Slavonic Lubomir. Notable people with this name include:

Todor Todorov is a Bulgarian bobsledder. He competed in the two man event at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Todor Todorov is a Bulgarian gymnast. He competed in eight events at the 1952 Summer Olympics.

Todor Todorov is a Bulgarian weightlifter. He competed in the men's featherweight event at the 1976 Summer Olympics.