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Tofiq Bahramov Republican Stadium Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan

The Tofiq Bahramov Republican Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan. It is currently used mostly for football matches. It served as the home ground for the Azerbaijan national football team until they moved to the Baku Olympic Stadium. It holds 31,200 seats making it the second largest stadium in the country. The stadium is also used by the Azerbaijan Premier League clubs in the final rounds of European competitions.

Azerbaijan University of Languages

Azerbaijan University of Languages is a public university in Baku, Azerbaijan. The student body consists of approximately 4000 undergraduates and 900 graduate students. The university has a combined faculty of more than 700 teachers.

Tofig Guliyev

Tofig Alakbar oglu Guliyev was an Azerbaijani composer, pianist, and conductor.

Tofig Ismayilov Stadium, also referred as Surakhani Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Surakhani settlement of Baku, Azerbaijan. It is currently used mostly for football matches and was the former home stadium of FK Karabakh. Currently, it is the home stadium for the Azerbaijan First Division club Neftchi ISM. The stadium holds 15,000 people.

Cinema of Azerbaijan

Cinema of Azerbaijan dates back to the 19th century. Azerbaijan is one of the first countries in the world involved in cinematography. The first Azerbaijani film was a thirty second long silent film called The Oil Gush Fire in Bibiheybat, which was recorded using the cinematograph.

Tawfik, or Tewfik, is an Arabic name given to males. The name is derived from the Arabic root: waaw-faa-qaaf (و-ف-ق), which means to agree or to reconcile. Tawfik translates to, "the ability or opportunity to achieve success". A spelling of "Tewfik" or "Toufic" is used more among French speakers. Tawfik can be used as a given name or surname. Since it is considered a "neutral" name in the Arabic language, many Arabic-speaking Christians as well as Muslims are named Tawfik. The Turkish equivalent is Tevfik, the Azerbaijani equivalent is Tofig or Tofiq, the Albanian equivalent is Tefik, the Bosnian equivalent is Teufik. The Hebrew equivalent is Tovik or Tuvik (תוביק). Tawfik also has a similar meaning to the Greek Tobias (Τοβίας).

Ismailov, İsmayılov or Ismaylov is a masculine surname common in the former Soviet countries, its feminine counterpart is Ismailova, İsmayılova or Ismaylova. It is most common in Russia and Uzbekistan. It may refer to:

Tofig Abbasguliyev

Tofig Asgar oglu Abbasguliyev was a lexicographer, scholar of linguistics, and director of the Khazar University Dictionary and Encyclopedia Center.

Tofig Ismayilov Kazym oglu was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and served as the first Secretary of State of Azerbaijan.

Omar Eldarov

Omar Hasan oglu Eldarov is an Azerbaijani monumentalist sculptor, Honoured Art Worker of Azerbaijan (1961), People's Painter of Azerbaijan (1982), full member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (2001), full member of the Russian Academy of Arts (1988), president of Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts (2001), and academician.

Baku Funicular

Baku Funicular is a funicular system in Baku, Azerbaijan. It connects a square on Neftchilar Avenue and Martyrs' Lane. It is the first and remains the only funicular system in the country.

The Secretary of State of Azerbaijan was a political position in that existed in Azerbaijan, existing from 1991 to 1994.

Elchin is a masculine Azerbaijani given name. Notable people with the name include:

Tofiq Ismayilov was an Azerbaijani film director, screenwriter and film scholar.

Ajdar Ismailov

Ajdar Ismailov is an Azerbaijani doctor of philological sciences, and one of the most active founders of New Azerbaijan Party.

People’s Artist of Azerbaijan is the honorary title granted for contribution to the development of Azerbaijani culture.

Forgive Me If I Die is a 1989 Azerbaijani drama film about love and death directed by Rasim Ojagov, written by Rustam Ibragimbekov, and starring Fakhraddin Manafov, Gulzar Gurbanova, Sadaya Mustafayeva and Mukhtar Maniyev. The film narrates the life story of Yusif, a man who got a contusion during the Second World War, deserted the army prior to the end of the war, arrested because of that, and saw his girlfriend married to the other man.

Tofig or Tofiq is an Azerbaijani masculine given name, equivalent to the Turkish name Tawfik. It may refer to: