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Toi et moi meaning You and Me may refer to:

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Édith Piaf French singer (1915-1963)

Édith Piaf was a French singer. Noted as France's national chanteuse, she was one of the country's most widely known international stars.

Lorie (singer) Musical artist

Laure Monique Pester, professionally known as Lorie, is a French singer. She has sold over 8 million albums and singles worldwide as of December 2007. Her first studio album Près de toi was certified triple platinum in France and she followed it with five other certified albums. Lorie is also an actress, who lent her voice for many French versions of international movies including Stuart Little 2. She stars in the TF1 TV film De feu et de glace, and guest-starred as a Parisian model on the American soap opera The Young and the Restless. She has also launched a clothing line, "Lorie", only found in the Z stores in France. Her contract with Z ended in early 2009.

Salvatore Adamo Italian musician

Salvatore Adamo is a Belgian-Italian musician, singer and composer, who is known for his romantic ballads. Adamo was born in Comiso, Sicily, Italy, and has lived in Belgium since the age of three, which is why he has dual citizenship.

Marie Laforêt French singer and actress

Marie Laforêt was a French singer and actress, particularly well known for her work during the 1960s and 1970s. In 1978, she moved to Geneva, and acquired Swiss citizenship.

Tellement jai damour pour toi 1982 single by Celine Dion

"Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi" is the first single from Celine Dion's album Tellement j'ai d'amour.... It was released on 13 December 1982 in Quebec, Canada.

"Toi et Moi" is a song written in 1994 by Charles Aznavour, Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, and Jacques Revaux. It was originally released on Aznavour's highly successful 1994 CD, aptly titled Toi et Moi. In 1995, the English version titled You and Me, as well as the Spanish version Tú y Yo were released. In 2018 Charles Aznavour sang new version duo with russian singer Polina Gagarina.

Georges Garvarentz Musical artist

Georges Diran Garvarentz was an Armenian-French composer, noted for his music for films and Charles Aznavour's songs.

Liane Foly French singer

Liane Foly is a popular French blues and jazz singer, actress, presenter and impressionist.

<i>Toutes les femmes en moi</i> 2009 studio album by Lara Fabian

Toutes les femmes en moi is the 6th French album and 8th studio album in total released by Lara Fabian.

<i>Toi + Moi</i> 2008 studio album by Grégoire

Toi + Moi is a 2008 album recorded by French singer Grégoire. It was his debut album released in September 2008 and achieved huge success in France and Belgium (Wallonia) where it reached the top five. In France, it hit number-one in its 42nd and 47th weeks. It provided four singles : "Toi + Moi", which was a huge hit in Belgium and the French digital chart (#1), "Rue des Étoiles", "Ta Main" and "Nuages".

Toi + Moi (song) 2008 single by Grégoire

"Toi + Moi" is a 2008 pop song recorded by French singer Grégoire. It was his debut single off his album of the same name and was released in October 2008. It achieved huge success in francophone countries.

Charles Aznavour discography

This is a discography for Charles Aznavour.

Le grand show des enfants is a French television show broadcast live on French television channel TF1 and presented by Liane Foly1. During the live show, the viewers hear a number of important song by French and international artists of the last 50 years as interpreted children, and they vote solely for the best song rather than on the quality of the performances.

Délizia Adamo better known as Délizia was a singer of Italian–Belgian origin and sister of international singer Salvatore Adamo.

Charles Aznavour, released in January 1961, is the seventh French studio album by the French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour. This album is also known under the title "Je m'voyais déjà". The album includes songs by Charles Aznavour, Georges Garvarentz, and others. According to The book of golden discs, 'Je m'voyais deja' was one of the hits which from 1961 helped Aznavour to become "an international favourite". The album became a bestseller in Belgium and a hit in France.

<i>La mamma</i> 1963 studio album by Charles Aznavour

La mamma is the eleventh French studio album by the French singer Charles Aznavour, released in 1963. It achieved TOP1 in France for several weeks, Spain, it was a TOP10 hit in Belgium, Holland, and other countries. It became a bestseller, and sold over a million copies only in France. The English version of 'La Mama' entitled 'For Mama', was written in 1964, with words by Don Black and became a hit in Philippines. In the US Ray Charles performed it.

<i>La bohème</i> (album) 1966 studio album by Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour, also known as La bohème is an album by French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour, released in 1966. It included such international hits as "La Bohème" and "Jezebel". The album includes songs by Charles Aznavour, Georges Garvarentz, Gilbert Bécaud and others. In 1966 it was originally released by Barclay Records in France and Canada, then by Reprise Records in the US.

<i>Autobiographie</i> 1980 studio album by Charles Aznavour

Autobiographie is the 30th French studio album by the French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour, released in 1980.

Une vie, or Une Vie, may refer to:

<i>Chante Charles Aznavour, vol. 3</i> 1956 studio album by Charles Aznavour

Chante Charles Aznavour, vol. 3 is a 1955 album by Charles Aznavour. It was the third of three similarly titled 10" vinyl LPs for Ducretet-Thomson at the very beginning of the Charles Aznavour discography.