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Thomas Aloysius Keller is an American chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author. He and his landmark Napa Valley restaurant, The French Laundry in Yountville, California, have won multiple awards from the James Beard Foundation, notably the Best California Chef in 1996, and the Best Chef in America in 1997. The restaurant is a perennial winner in the annual Restaurant Magazine list of the Top 50 Restaurants of the World.

The Michelin Guides are a series of guide books that have been published by the French tyre company Michelin since 1900. The Guide awards up to three Michelin stars for excellence to a select few establishments. The acquisition or loss of a star or stars can have dramatic effects on the success of a restaurant. Michelin also publishes the Green Guides, a series of general guides to cities, regions, and countries.

Aiden Byrne is an English chef, best known as the owner of a number of establishments including The Collingwood, a bar and restaurant in West Kirby.

Kevin Thornton is an Irish celebrity chef, radio and television personality and author, known for featuring on television series such as Guerrilla Gourmet and Heat and characterised by a supposed dislike of chips and confirmed dislike of pizza. He has written a book, Food for Life, and had his recipes featured on the national radio station Newstalk. He has been praised by The New York Times and featured in publications such as The Dubliner and the Irish Independent.

Thornton's was a restaurant that was housed, in the period 2002–2016, in the Fitzwilliam Hotel, St. Stephen's Green, County Dublin, Ireland. It was previously located on Portobello Road since 1989. It became a fine dining restaurant, that held a one-star Michelin rating in the periods 1996-2000 and 2006–2015. In the period 2001-2005 it held a two-star rating. The restaurant closed on 29 October 2016. The space is now occupied by Glovers Alley.

The Capital Restaurant was a restaurant located in the Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge, London, England. The restaurant was established in 1971 and earned a star from the Michelin Guide under chefs Richard Shepherd and Brian Turner. Other notable chefs who have worked there include Gary Rhodes and Paul Merrett.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Restaurant Gordon Ramsay</span> Restaurant in London, England

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, also known as Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road, is the signature restaurant owned and operated by English celebrity chef and media personality Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road, in Chelsea, London. It opened in 1998 and was Ramsay's first solo restaurant. In 2001 it was awarded three Michelin stars, and in 2022 Ramsay celebrated 21 years with all three. In March 2013, the restaurant reopened following an art deco redesign.

Prinses Juliana is a defunct restaurant located in Valkenburg aan de Geul in the Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one or two Michelin stars in the period 1958–2006.

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Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare is a restaurant in New York City. Originally, the restaurant was located at 200 Schermerhorn Street in Downtown Brooklyn, making it the first New York City restaurant outside Manhattan to receive 3 Michelin stars. In December 2016, the restaurant was relocated to 431 West 37th Street in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. On November 7, 2023, Michelin announced that it had revoked the restaurant's stars, as it had closed and reopened with a new head chef.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Toine Hermsen (restaurant)</span> Restaurant in Maastricht, Netherlands

Toine Hermsen is a restaurant located in Maastricht in the Netherlands. It is a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one or two Michelin stars from 1993 to present. GaultMillau awarded the restaurant 16.0 out of 20 points.

Les Patrons Cuisiniers is a culinary association of quality restaurants in the Netherlands.

Chalet Royal was a restaurant in Den Bosch in the Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that held one Michelin star in the periods 1958-1976 and 1998-2011.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Clare Smyth</span> Northern Irish chef

Clare Smyth is a Northern Irish chef. She is the Chef Patron of three Michelin starred Core by Clare Smyth which opened in 2017. Previously she was Chef Patron at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay from 2012 to 2016, won the Chef of the Year award in 2013, and achieved a perfect score in the 2015 edition of the Good Food Guide. Smyth has also appeared on television shows such as Masterchef and Saturday Kitchen. Smyth also notably catered at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's 2018 wedding.

Henk Savelberg is a Dutch head chef. Up until now, he is the only head chef from the Netherlands awarded a Michelin star in five different restaurants.

Hermsen is a Dutch patronymic surname meaning "son of Herm". Notable people with the surname include:

Margo Reuten is a Dutch head chef, known for her cooking in the Michelin starred restaurant Da Vinci. From 2009 till 2018, she was the only female head chef in the Netherlands holding two Michelin stars.

The Restaurant Marco Pierre White, also known as The Restaurant, Restaurant Marco Pierre White and later Oak Room Marco Pierre White, was a restaurant run by chef proprietor Marco Pierre White. The Restaurant was opened at the Hyde Park Hotel, London, on 14 September 1993, after White left his previous restaurant, Harveys. Following the move, the kitchen staff was more than doubled in number, and White used Pierre Koffmann's La Tante Claire as a template to pursue his third Michelin star. This was awarded in the 1995 Michelin guide. White then moved the restaurant to the Le Méridien Piccadilly Hotel, London, in 1997, taking on the listed Oak Room as the main dining room. He sought a further rating of five red forks and spoons in the guide, to gain the highest possible rating for the restaurant. It gained this award in the following guide.

Toine Hermsen is a Dutch head chef and former owner of the now defunct restaurant Toine Hermsen in Maastricht. He held one or two Michelin stars for 23 years.