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Hiromi Uehara Japanese-born jazz composer and pianist (1979-)

Hiromi Uehara, known professionally as Hiromi, is a jazz composer and pianist born in Hamamatsu, Japan. She is known for her virtuosic technique, energetic live performances and blend of musical genres such as stride, post-bop, progressive rock, classical and fusion in her compositions.

Tokyo Jihen band

Tokyo Jihen, also known as Tokyo Incidents, was a Japanese rock band formed by Ringo Sheena, after leaving her solo career. The band's debut single "Gunjō Biyori" was released in September 2004, and they ended activities in February 2012. The band sold 2,3 million copies.

<i>Unleashed in the East</i> 1979 live album by Judas Priest

Unleashed in the East is the first live album by the British heavy metal band Judas Priest, released in September 1979 on Columbia Records. It was recorded live over two nights in Tokyo during their Hell Bent for Leather Tour in February 1979. Upon release Unleashed became the band's best-selling album up to that point, reaching the US Top 100 and the UK Top Ten, eventually the album became one of the five Judas Priest albums to gain a RIAA platinum certification. It is the first Priest album to be produced by Tom Allom who would remain at the helm for the next decade for the band, and the last release to feature drummer Les Binks.

<i>Stripped</i> (Rolling Stones album) 1995 live album / studio album by The Rolling Stones

Stripped is an album by The Rolling Stones released in November 1995 after the Voodoo Lounge Tour. It contains six live tracks and eight studio recordings. The live tracks were taken from four 1995 performances, at three small venues, and include a cover of Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone", which was the first single from the album. The remaining eight tracks were acoustic studio re-recordings of songs from the Stones' previous catalogue, the exception being a cover of Willie Dixon's "Little Baby". The studio performances were recorded "live," i.e., without overdubs.

Stick Men (prog band)

Stick Men is a progressive rock band founded in 2007 by Pat Mastelotto, Tony Levin, and Michael Bernier. Since 2010, the lineup stabilized around Mastelotto, Levin, and Markus Reuter. The band was formed as a vehicle for progressive rock music performed almost exclusively with Chapman Sticks and drums.

<i>This Time Around: Live in Tokyo</i> 2001 live album by Deep Purple

This Time Around: Live in Tokyo is a live album by Deep Purple. After the band's demise in 1976, a live album called Last Concert in Japan was released in 1977. It was compiled from a show the band did in Tokyo on 15 December 1975. It was heavily edited and, coming on the heels of their previous Japanese-recorded album Made in Japan, it failed to deliver, and was never released in the US. In 2001, the complete show was released as This Time Around: Live in Tokyo '75.

Hughes Turner Project (HTP) was a musical project formed in the 2001 by bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes and vocalist Joe Lynn Turner. They released two albums, a live album and one joint project with Mikhail Men.

<i>Best of Scorpions Vol. 2</i> 1984 compilation album by Scorpions

Best of Scorpions Vol. 2 is a compilation album of songs by the German heavy metal band Scorpions, released in July 10, 1984 in the United States.

<i>Tokyo Road: Best of Bon Jovi</i> 2001 greatest hits album by Bon Jovi

Tokyo Road: The Best of Bon Jovi - Rock Tracks, in Japanese TOKYO ROAD~ベスト・オブ・ボン・ジョヴィ-ロック・トラックス. Is the third overall greatest hits compilation album by American rock band Bon Jovi exclusively released in Japan in 2001, where it charted at #5. The album has sold more than 400,000 copies in Japan, and being certified platinum status by RIAJ. The first track is a new remixed version of "One Wild Night" originally released on the Crush album, the new version was released as a single and featured a music video. This version also appears on the Bon Jovi live compilation One Wild Night Live 1985-2001.

<i>Puroland</i> (album) 2001 studio album by Merzbow

Puroland is an album by the Japanese noise musician Merzbow. The title refers to an amusement park in Tokyo run by Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty.

Nakano Sun Plaza building in Tokyo, Japan

Nakano Sun Plaza is a hotel in Nakano, Tokyo. The hotel includes a concert hall, the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall. Built in 1973, this concert hall seats 2,222 people. The building is to be demolished and replaced by a new complex including a hotel and a concert hall capable of seating 10,000 people around 2024.

<i>Gleam</i> (album) 1975 live album by Freddie Hubbard

Gleam is a live album recorded in 1975 by jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard. It was released as a double LP on Sony Music Japan and features a live performance recorded in Tokyo by Hubbard, Carl Randall, George Cables, Henry Franklin, Carl Burnett and Buck Clark. The selections are extended performances of material from Hubbard's recent albums "High Energy" and "Polar AC"; as well as three songs from the upcoming and as of then unrecorded album "Liquid Love". In 2012 the album was released as a double cd on the Wounded Bird label.

<i>Greatest Hits Live</i> (Earth, Wind & Fire album) 1996 live album by Earth, Wind & Fire

Greatest Hits Live is a live album by the band Earth, Wind & Fire issued in 1996 on Rhino Records.

<i>Tokyo Live</i> (John McLaughlin album) 1994 live album by The Free Spirits Featuring John McLaughlin

Tokyo Live is a jazz album released in 1994 by The Free Spirits Featuring John McLaughlin on Verve, catalogue number P2-21870. Despite the group credit on the sleeve, the record is generally considered to be a McLaughlin solo album.

<i>Tune In, Tokyo...</i> 2001 EP by Green Day

Tune In, Tokyo... is a live EP by the American punk rock band Green Day released exclusively in Japan in 2001. It was recorded during the tour of Warning in March 2001 in Japan.

"Soldier of Fortune" is a blues rock ballad written by Ritchie Blackmore and David Coverdale and originally released on Deep Purple's 1974 album Stormbringer. Though Deep Purple has never released the song as a single and it has never placed on the record charts, it has developed a cult following over the years, and cover versions have been released by Whitesnake, Opeth, and Black Majesty, and has been covered in concert by Blackmore's Night.

<i>Big in Japan: Live in Tokyo 2010</i> 2010 live album by Klaus Schulze

Big in Japan: Live in Tokyo 2010 is the fortieth album by Klaus Schulze. Taking in consideration the previously released multi-disc box sets, it could be viewed as Schulze's one hundred and first album. This album contains music from two concerts at the Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall in Tokyo, Japan on March 20–21, 2010 in Schulze's first visit to Japan. This is Schulze's first album without guest vocalist Lisa Gerrard since his 2007 album Kontinuum. The album was originally released on September 22, 2010 in Japan by Captain Trip Records as a limited edition deluxe boxed set of two CDs and a DVD with an 80-page photo book. This became known as the "Japanese Edition". A slightly different general release was released in Europe on November 26, 2010. This version, named the "European Edition", features a different track order between the CDs and the DVD, and slightly different track lengths. On April 19, 2011, a third version of Big in Japan was released in the United States. This "American Edition" consists of the same two CDs as the European version, but features a completely different DVD.

<i>Live at the Tokyo Dome</i> 2012 live album by The Rolling Stones

Live at the Tokyo Dome is a live album by The Rolling Stones, released in 2012. It was recorded at the Tokyo Dome in Japan in 1990. The album was released exclusively as a digital download through Google Music on 10 July 2012, and subsequently on the Stones Archive Store on 11 July 2012.

Sekai no Owari band from Japan

Sekai no Owari is a Japanese pop band, originating from Tokyo. The band was formed in 2005 and has four members: Nakajin, Fukase, Saori and DJ LOVE.

<i>Tokyo Dome Live in Concert</i> 2015 live album by Van Halen

Tokyo Dome Live in Concert is a live album by American hard rock band Van Halen, released on March 31, 2015. It is their first live album with original lead vocalist David Lee Roth, and second live album overall, after 1993's Live: Right Here, Right Now.