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The Boswell Sisters Singing trio popular during the Jazz Age

The Boswell Sisters were an American close harmony singing trio of the jazz and swing eras, consisting of three sisters: Martha Boswell, Connee Boswell, and Helvetia "Vet" Boswell. Hailing from uptown New Orleans, the group was noted for their intricate harmonies and song arrangements featuring numerous effects such as scat, instrumental imitation, ‘Boswellese’ gibberish, tempo and meter changes, major/minor juxtaposition, key changes, and incorporation of sections from other songs. They attained national prominence in the United States in the 1930s during the twilight years of the Jazz Age and the onset of the Great Depression.

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Leonard Boswell American politician

Leonard Leroy Boswell was an American politician who served as the U.S. Representative for Iowa's 3rd congressional district from 1997 to 2013, a district based in Des Moines. A member of the Democratic Party, he was defeated for reelection in 2012 by 4th district incumbent Tom Latham, who decided to run against him after redistricting. Boswell left Congress in January 2013.

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Thomas Moore (1779–1852) was an Irish poet, songwriter, singer, novelist, and historian.

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Thomas M. Boswell is a retired American sports columnist.

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Tom Carnegie Motorsports announcer

Tom Carnegie, born Carl Lee Kenagy, was an American radio and television broadcaster, public-address announcer, sports columnist, documentary filmmaker, and educator from Norwalk, Connecticut. Carnegie's radio and television broadcasting career, which spanned from 1942 to 1985, included work at KITE radio in Kansas City, Missouri; WOWO (AM) radio in Fort Wayne, Indiana; and WIRE (AM) radio in Indianapolis, Indiana. Carnegie was also sports director for WRTV television in Indianapolis for thirty-two years, and broadcast the Indiana high school boys' basketball tournament for twenty-four years.

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Thomas Payne (1718–1799) was a bookseller and publisher in London.

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Boswell is a British family name of Norman origins and may refer to the following individuals:

The surname Bender derives from both English and German origin.

Durkin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: