Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers: Virtual Vandals

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Net Force Explorers: Virtual Vandals
Duane - Virtual Vandals Coverart.png
Author Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Diane Duane
CountryUnited States
Series Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers, #1
Genre Young Adult Fiction
Publisher Berkley Publishing Group
Publication date
Media typePrint
ISBN 0747260710
Followed by The Deadliest Game  

Virtual Vandals is the first book in the young adult series Net Force Explorers created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik. The book was released in 1998 and ghost written by Diane Duane.


Set in 2025, Net Force Explorers member Matt Hunter witnesses an attack at a baseball game attended by fans in holographic form through virtual reality. The attack involved holographic bullets fired into the crowded that actually harmed the people that were simply attending through virtual reality. Matt learns that the attackers might be the same group that have been hacking computer systems and injuring people recently. Hunter and his Explorer friends sets out to stop them as he solves the crimes and leads to a confrontation with them in the real world. [1] [2]

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Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers or Net Force Explorers is a series of young adult novels created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik as a spin-off of the military fiction series Tom Clancy's Net Force. The first novel was published in 1998. In 2025, the Internet and its virtual reality network have to be policed by the Net Force to prevent cyber-terrorists from sabotaging it. They are assisted by the Net Force Explorers, a young people's auxiliary for computer experts who have completed a rigorous training program.

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