Tom Coyne

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Tom Coyne may refer to:

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The surname Collins has a variety of likely origins in Britain and Ireland:

  1. Anglo-Saxon: A patronymic surname based on the name Colin, an English diminutive form of Nicholas.
  2. Norse:From the Old Norse personal name "Kollungr" a form of "koli" which in Old English became 'Cola', meaning swarthy or dark.
  3. Irish: The medieval surname was Ua Cuiléin, which has usually become Ó Coileáin today.
  4. Welsh: Collen = hazel, hazel grove.

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Thomas Simpson (1710–1761) was a British mathematician and inventor.

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Cant Deny It 2001 single by Nate Dogg and Fabolous

"Can't Deny It" is the debut single by American rapper Fabolous from his debut studio album Ghetto Fabolous. It features Nate Dogg and uncredited backing vocals by Lil' Mo. The song was produced by Rick Rock. Its chorus contains similar lyrics to the chorus of 2Pac's "Ambitionz Az A Ridah".

Ted Jensen American sound engineer

Ted Jensen is an American mastering engineer, known for having mastered many recordings including the Eagles' Hotel California, Green Day's American Idiot and Norah Jones' Come Away with Me.

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Coyne is a surname of Irish origin anglicised from the Gaelic Ó Cadhain meaning "descendant of Cadhan". Notable people with the surname include:

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Tom Coyne (music engineer) American mastering engineer

Thomas J. Coyne was an American mastering engineer.

Tom Coyne was a British news broadcaster and television presenter who was known for being one of the earliest presenters of Top Gear.