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Tom Epperson is an American author, screenwriter and a man with a plan, known for his collaborations with Billy Bob Thornton.



YearTitleAs WriterAs ProducerCredited DirectorNotes
1992 One False Move Yes Carl Franklin Co-Written with Billy Bob Thornton
Nominated - Independent Spirit Award for Best Screenplay
1996 A Family Thing Yes Richard Pearce Co-Written with Billy Bob Thornton & L Guy Burton
Don't Look Back YesYes Geoff Murphy Television
Co-Written with Billy Bob Thornton
1997A Gun, a Car, a BlondeYesYesStefani AmesCo-Written with Stefani Ames
2000 The Gift Yes Sam Raimi Co-Written with Billy Bob Thornton
Nominated - Saturn Award for Best Writing
2001CamouflageYes James Keach Credited as Nigel Dial
Co-Written with Billy Bob Thornton
2006 Jesse Stone: Night Passage Yes Robert Harmon Television
2012 Jayne Mansfield's Car YesBilly Bob ThorntonCo-Written with Billy Bob Thornton


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The Epperson House is a historic residence located at 5200 Cherry Street in Kansas City, Missouri. The house is now part of the University of Missouri–Kansas City.

Epperson may refer to:

Michael Swaim is an American filmmaker, writer, actor, comedian, and podcaster. While attending the University of California, San Diego, he became a columnist for the humor website, and after graduating from college in 2007, he joined with Abe Epperson to co-found the internet sketch comedy troupe Those Aren't Muskets. Along with Epperson and another frequent collaborator, Daniel O'Brien, he spent the late 2000s establishing a video department for Cracked. His subsequent tenure as Head of Video for the website produced several viral web series that he and O'Brien often starred in; these include the Webby Award-winning After Hours and the Streamy Award-winning Agents of Cracked.

Lia Beth Epperson is an American civil rights lawyer and professor of law at American University Washington College of Law. She previously served as the senior associate dean for faculty and academic affairs at the law school. Epperson served as director for education litigation and policy at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund from 2001 to 2005. Her scholarship focuses primarily on federal courts and educational policies with regard to race. Epperson was a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and an Institute of Advanced Studies Fellow at Collegium de Lyon. Epperson has authored multiple amicus briefs for the Supreme Court of the United States related to affirmative action and education law.