Tom Gilmore

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Tom Gilmore may refer to:

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Gilmour is a surname of Scottish or Irish origin, derived from an anglicisation of the Gaelic name Mac Gille Mhoire, the same origin as the name McLemore. Notable people with this surname include:

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Gilmore and Gillmore are surnames with several origins and meanings.

Holland is an English habitational name from Holland, a division of Lincolnshire, or any of the eight villages in various parts of England so called, from Old English hōh ‘ridge’ + land ‘land’.

Tom Woods is an American historian and author.

Horton is an Anglo-Saxon surname, deriving from the common English place-name Horton. It derives from Old English horu 'dirt' and tūn 'settlement, farm, estate', presumably meaning 'farm on muddy soil'.