Tom Holliday

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Tom or Thomas Holliday may refer to:

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Thomas is a common surname of English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, French, German, Dutch, and Danish origin.

Josh is a masculine given name, frequently a diminutive (hypocorism) of the given name Joshua, though since the 1970s, it has increasingly become a full name on its own. It may refer to:

Tom Holliday is an American college baseball coach, and is currently the Manager of the Chatham Anglers in the Cape Cod Baseball League. Holliday was named the Anglers manager on August 10, 2017, following 40 consecutive years as either a Head Coach or Assistant Coach in Division One college baseball from 1976–2015, during which his teams made 17 College World Series appearances and won two NCAA National Championships.

Tom Slater may refer to:

Thomas Cromwell Holliday, sometimes spelled Holiday, was an American football player and coach. He played college football at the fullback and halfback positions for four years at Texas A&M College. After graduating, he served as the head football coach at the Texas School for the Deaf and Dumb in Austin, Texas. During World War I, he served as an aviator in France. In 1921, he was the head football coach at the Texas School of Mines, leading the 1921 Texas Mines Miners football team to a 1–4 record. In December 1921, Holliday announced that he would be unable to coach the team in 1922. He was married to Josephine Nations Morfit in February 1922. He later worked as a general agent for Aetna.