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Tom Hooper is a British film and television director.

Tom Hooper may also refer to:

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The Canadian national men's ice hockey team is the ice hockey team representing Canada internationally. The team is overseen by Hockey Canada, a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation. From 1920 until 1963, Canada's international representation was by senior amateur club teams. Canada's national men's team was founded in 1963 by Father David Bauer as a part of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association, playing out of the University of British Columbia. The nickname "Team Canada" was first used for the 1972 Summit Series and has been frequently used to refer to the Canadian national team ever since.

Tom Hooper (ice hockey) Canadian ice hockey player

Charles Thomas "Tom" Hooper was a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He played for the Kenora Thistles, Montreal Hockey Club, and Montreal Wanderers. Hooper was a Stanley Cup winner with the Thistles in 1907 and the Wanderers in 1908. Noted for his skating speed, checking and stick-handling ability, he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1963.

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Icelandic Canadians are Canadian citizens of Icelandic ancestry or Iceland-born people who reside in Canada.

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Thomas or Tom Martin may refer to:

Thomas Fowler may refer to:

Making the Cut was a Canadian reality series that followed a group of amateur ice hockey players through a rigorous training session.

Thomas Grant may refer to:

Thomas Simpson (1710–1761) was a British mathematician and inventor.

The 1902 Canadian Amateur Hockey League (CAHL) season was the fourth season of the league. Teams played an eight game schedule. The Montreal HC were the league champion with a record of six wins and two losses. After the season, Montreal HC challenged the Winnipeg Victorias for the Stanley Cup title and were victorious.

The 1907–08 ECAHA season was the third season of the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (ECAHA). lasted from. Teams played a ten-game schedule. The Montreal Wanderers would win the league championship with a record of eight wins, two losses.

DeMarco or Demarco is a surname, originally meaning (son) of Marco.

Hooper is a surname originating in England. It is derived from the archaic term for a person who aided in the building of barrels by creating the hoop for the barrel. Most Hoopers are English or of English descent. Some notable individuals named Hooper include:

Connelly is an anglicised form of the Gaelic-Irish surname Ó Conghalaigh. Following is a list of notable people with the surname Connelly: