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Charles, Charlie, Charley or Chuck Jones may refer to:

William Jones may refer to:

Jack Jones may refer to:

David, Dafydd, Dai, Dave, Davy, or Di Jones may refer to:

James Jones may refer to:

John Davis may refer to:

Alec or Aleck is a Scottish form of the given name Alex. It means Hammerhead in the English language. It may be a diminutive of the name Alexander or a given name in its own right. Notable people with the name include:

Ellis is a surname of Welsh and English origin. An independent French origin of the surname is said to derive from the phrase fleur-de-lis. It has also been noted to be a Jewish surname.

Lewis is a surname in the English language. It has several independent origins.

The surname Collins has a variety of likely origins in Britain and Ireland:

  1. English and Scottish: A patronymic surname based on the English and Scottish name Colin, an English diminutive form of Nicholas.
  2. Norse: From the Old Norse personal name "Kollungr", a form of "koli" which in Old English became 'Cola', meaning swarthy or dark.
  3. Irish: The medieval surname was Ua Cuiléin, which has usually become Ó Coileáin today.
  4. Welsh: Collen; "hazel, hazel grove".

James is a surname in the English language originating from the given name, itself derived from the Hebrew Yaʿaqōḇ. Notable people with the surname include:

Rob(ert), Bob, or Bobby Jones may refer to:

Thomas is a common surname of English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, French, German, Dutch, and Danish origin.

Pearce is a surname, from knights of the Norman lord Mansfield prior to the invasion of England. It derives etymologically from the Germanic word to pierce, and was a name commonly given to warrior caste in Saxon/Jute, p-celtic and oil languages. Another etymology is from Piers, the medieval vernacular form of Peter, and may refer to:

Shane is mainly a masculine given name. It is an anglicized version of the Irish name Séaghan/Séan, which itself is cognate to the name John. Shane comes from the way the name Seán is pronounced in the Ulster dialect of the Irish language, as opposed to Shaun or Shawn.

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Burke is a Norman-Irish surname, deriving from the ancient Anglo-Norman and Hiberno-Norman noble dynasty, the House of Burgh. In Ireland, the descendants of William de Burgh had the surname de Burgh, which was gaelicised in Irish as de Búrca and over the centuries became Búrc, then Burke, and Bourke.

George is a surname of Irish, English, Welsh, South Indian Christian, Middle Eastern Christian, French, or Native American origin. The German form is Georg. Notable people with the surname include: