Tom Leahy

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Tom Leahy may refer to:

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Ollie is a unisex given name and a nickname, often as a shortened form of Oliver, Olive, Olympia or Olivia. Variants include Olie, Oli, Oly and Olly.

Thomas or Tom Howard may refer to:

Thomas, Tom or Tommy Ryan may refer to:

Events from the year 1988 in Ireland.

Events from the year 1966 in Ireland.

Kenny is a surname, a given name, and a diminutive of several different given names.

Thomas Moore (1779–1852) was an Irish poet, songwriter, singer, novelist, and historian.

Thomas Hughes (1822–1896) was an English lawyer, Member of Parliament (MP) and author.

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Paddy O'Brien is the name of:

Patrick Leahy is a United States Senator from Vermont.

Walsh (surname) Surname list

Walsh is a common Irish surname, meaning "Briton" or "foreigner", literally "Welshman" or "Wales", taken to Ireland by British soldiers during and after the Norman invasion of Ireland. It is most common in County Mayo and County Kilkenny. It is the fourth most common surname in Ireland, and the 265th most common in the United States. There are variants including "Walshe", "Welsh", "Brannagh", and the Irish "Breathnach". Walsh is uncommon as a given name. The name is often pronounced "Welsh" in the south and west of the country.

Ó Meachair is an Irish surname deriving from Gaelic meaning the "kindly" or "generous". The Ó Meachair sept was part of the Ely O'Carroll clan and was concentrated in the areas of Kilkenny and Tipperary, notably the Barony of Ikerrin in Ireland.

Tommy is a masculine given name, frequently a short form of Thomas. Tommy may refer to: