Tommy Johansson

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Tommy Johansson is the name of:

Tommy Johansson (musician) Swedish guitarist

Tommy Johansson, also known under his artist name ReinXeed is a Swedish musician from Boden, Sweden.

Tommy Johansson is a Swedish sprinter. He competed in the men's 400 metres at the 1984 Summer Olympics. He also competed in the four-man bobsleigh at the 1984 Winter Olympics.

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Thomas Johansson is a Swedish tennis player and coach.

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Jens Johansson Swedish musician

Jens Ola Johansson is a Swedish keyboardist and pianist who currently plays in the Finnish power metal band Stratovarius and Ritchie Blackmore's rock project Rainbow. He is notable for his high-speed neoclassical and fusion style.

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Sweden competed at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, United States.

Torbjörn, Thorbjörn, Torbjørn, or Thorbjørn are modern Swedish, Norwegian and Danish forms of the Old Norse and Icelandic name Þorbjörn, meaning thunder and bear.

Britta Johansson Norgren Swedish female cross-country skier

Britta Johanna Helena Johansson Norgren is a Swedish cross country skier who has been competing since 2002. She won a bronze medal in the 4 x 5 km at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2009 in Liberec. Her best individual finish at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships is 26th in the individual sprint at Sapporo in 2007.

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Swedish jazz was introduced in Sweden during the 1920s, and was spread through dancehalls and concerts. During the 1930s and 1940s the popularity was increasing, together with increasing record sales. It was by this time that the first jazz clubs was started in Sweden.

Martin Johansson (orienteer, born 1984) Swedish ski orienteer

Martin Johansson is a Swedish orienteering, ski-orienteering and cross-country skiing competitor, medallist from the orienteering world championships, and a 2004 Junior World Champion in relay. He received bronze medals in sprint at the World Orienteering Championships in Kiev in 2007 and in Olomouc in 2008. His brother, Lars, is a member of the Rockford Icehogs

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<i>The Great War</i> (Sabaton album) 2019 studio album by Sabaton

The Great War is the upcoming ninth studio album by Swedish power metal band Sabaton. It is set to be released on July 19, 2019. It is the first studio album to feature guitarist Tommy Johansson.