Tomorrow's Child (film)

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Tomorrow's Child
Newspaper ad for 1957 tv play tomorrowschild.png
Ad from 9 April 1957
Based onplay by John Coates
Screenplay by Alan Seymour
Directed by Raymond Menmuir
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
Running time60 mins
Production companyABC
Original networkABC
Original release9 April 1957 (Sydney) (live) [1]
26 April 1957 (Melbourne) (taped) [2]

Tomorrow's Child is an Australian television film, or rather a live one-off television play, which aired in 1957 on ABC. Directed by Raymond Menmuir, it is notable as an early example of Australian television comedy and was Australia's first live hour long drama. [3] [4] [5] [6]



Promoted as A satirical comedy of the future, [7] it was set in a fictional police state.



It was based on a 1947 play by John Coates, and written by Alan Seymour. [8]

Cast included James Condon, Janette Craig, Queenie Ashton, and Mayne Lynton. [9] Craig and Ashton later were regulars on Autumn Affair (1958-1959), the first Australian-produced television soap opera.


It aired on Sydney station ABN-2 on 9 April 1957. A kinescope was made of the broadcast and shown in Melbourne on ABV-2 on 26 April 1957, it is not known if the kinescope recording still exists.

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