Tomorrow My Love

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Tomorrow My Love
Directed by Finn Karlsson
Produced by H. P. Møller Andersen
Esben Høilund Carlsen
Written by Finn Karlsson
Peter Ronild
Starring Lykke Nielsen
CinematographyCarsten Behrendt-Poulsen
Edited byAnker Sørensen
Release date
  • 8 March 1971 (1971-03-08)
Running time
101 minutes

Tomorrow My Love (Danish : I morgen, min elskede) is a 1971 Danish drama film directed by Finn Karlsson and starring Lykke Nielsen.

Danish language North Germanic language spoken in Denmark

Danish is a North Germanic language spoken by around six million people, principally in Denmark and in the region of Southern Schleswig in northern Germany, where it has minority language status. Also, minor Danish-speaking communities are found in Norway, Sweden, Spain, the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina. Due to immigration and language shift in urban areas, around 15–20% of the population of Greenland speak Danish as their first language.


Morten Grunwald Danish actor and theatre director

Walter Morten Grunwald was a Danish actor, stage director and theatre manager.

Jesper Langberg is a Danish film actor. He has appeared in over 50 films since 1965. He was born in Frederiksberg, Denmark. He is the son of actor Sigurd Langberg and younger brother of actor Ebbe Langberg.

Erni Arneson was a Danish film actress. She appeared in 25 films between 1942 and 2006. She was born in Århus, Denmark and died in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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ICCF Denmark belongs to the ICCF national member federations.

The Bodil Award for Best Danish Film is one of the categories for the Bodil Awards presented annually by the Danish Film Critics Association. It was created in 1948 and is one of the oldest film prizes in Europe. The jury can decide not to give out the award if no deserving films are submitted. This has occurred once, in 1974. More than one film also can receive the award in a single year, as occurred in 1955.

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Sophie Lykke Danish noble

Sophie Lykke was a Danish county administrator, landholder and noble.

Ann Eleonora Jørgensen is a Danish film, television and stage actress.

Højriis Castle Danish manor house

Højriis Castle is a manor house located at Sallingsund, 7 km south of Nykøbing, on the island of Mors in the north-west of Denmark.

Gentofte BK, also known as GBK is a badminton club in Gentofte, Gentofte Municipality, Copenhagen, Denmark. It is based in Gentofte Sportsby. The club has won more than a hundred titles. It experienced its most successful period in the late 1970s and 1980 when it won Europe Cup seven times. Former players include some of Denmark's most successful badminton players, including, Morten Frost, Lene Køppen, Poul-Erik Høyer, Peter Gade and Camilla Martin.