Tony Doyle

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Tony Doyle may refer to:

Tony Doyle was an Irish television and film actor.

Anthony Doyle is a British former professional cyclist.

Anthony Kenneth "Tony" Doyle was an Australian politician. He was the Labor member for Peats in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly from 1985 to 1994.

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Brennan is an Irish surname which is an Anglicised form of two different Irish language surnames—Ó Braonáin and Ó Branáin. Historically, one source of the surname was the prominent clan Ua Braonáin (O'Brennan) of Uí Duach (Idough) in Osraige who were a junior Dál Birn sept stemming from a younger son of Cerball mac Dúnlainge (d.888). Recent surname evaluations highlighted the geographic consistency of this lineage in the barony of Idough.

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Doyle is a surname of Irish origin. The name is an Anglicisation of the Irish Ó Dubhghaill /oːˈd̪ˠʊwəlʲ/, meaning "descendant of Dubhghall". The personal name Dubhghall contains the elements dubh "black" + gall "stranger". Similar Scottish and Irish surnames, derived from the same personal name are: MacDougall / McDougall and MacDowell / McDowell.

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Ciarán or Ciaran, is a Gaelic male given name. It means "little dark one" or "little dark-haired one", produced by appending a diminutive suffix to ciar. It is the masculine version of the name Ciara.

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Events from the year 1982 in France.

Kevin is the anglicized form of the Irish masculine given name Caoimhín, composed of Irish caomh "dear; noble" and -gin "birth".

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Sheridan is an Anglicized version of the Irish surname O'Sirideáin, originating in Co Longford, Ireland. In Irish Gaelic, it means son of Sheridan.

Tony Doyle in Dublin is a former Irish rugby union international player who played for the Irish national rugby union team. He played as a scrum-half. He played for the Ireland team in 1984, winning 2 caps and was part of the Ireland squad at the 1987 Rugby World Cup.

Rory is a given name of Gaelic origin. It is an anglicization of the Irish: Ruairí/Ruaidhrí/Ruaidhrígh/Raidhrígh and Scottish Gaelic: Ruairidh, and is common to the Irish, Highland Scots and their diasporas. The meaning of the name is "red-haired king," from ruadh and rígh ("king"). The name is given more to boys, than to girls.

Roche is a surname of Norman origin. Notable people with this surname include: