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Anthony J. Garcia (born 1953), known as Tony Garcia, is a playwright and the current Executive Artistic Director of Su Teatro in Denver, Colorado. [1] [2] He has written over 20 original plays and has served as Su Teatro's artistic director since 1989. [3]



Early life

Garcia grew up in Denver, Colorado and has mentioned that his family lost their home as a result of the construction on Denver's Auraria Campus in the late 1960s. [4]


Garcia began attending the University of Colorado at Boulder in the fall of 1973 and dropped out in the spring of 1974. [5] He later graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater. [1]

Garcia has since completed several fellowships, including the Rockefeller Fellowship in Theater arts in 2006, [6] the United States Artists Fellowship in 2006, [1] and the Livingston Fellowship from the Bonfils Stanton Foundation in 2011. [7]


Garcia started out as a musician for Su Teatro while still a student in 1972. [2] He later took on roles as an actor [2] until 1989, when he became Su Teatro's Executive Artistic Director. Since writing his first play in 1986, Garcia has written plays consistently, finishing one every three to four years. [8]

Garcia spearheaded Su Teatro's fundraising campaign to raise $4.5 million for the theater's move to its new facility in the Denver's Santa Fe Arts District in 2010. [9]

Garcia has also served as a faculty member for the National Association of Latino Art and CultureLeadership Institute. [1] He currently still does work as a peer trainer for the Colorado Creative Industries’ Peer Assistance Network, is a member of the Western States Arts Federation’s Board of Trustees, and is an adjunct professor at Metro State College in Denver. [1]



In chronological order of first publication. [8]

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