Tony Mary

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Tony Mary (born 1950) is a Belgian businessman.


He graduated as a Master in Economic Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 1973.



He started his career at IBM, where he became Country General Manager for IBM Belgium and Luxemburg in 1990. In 1993 he founded Synergia, which he led until July 1995. From August 1995 until May 1997, he was General Manager of Belgacom. From June 1997 until December 1998 he was President Europe of SITEL Corporation. Tony Mary was Senior Executive Vice President of Groupe Bull from January 1999 until December 1999. From January 2000 until July 2002 he was Managing Partner of KPMG. He succeeded Bert De Graeve in 2002 as president and CEO of the VRT and remained in office from August 2002 until September 2006. Since 2000 he is Independent Director and member of the audit committee of Vivium and several other companies.


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