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Tony Mendoza poses with some of his work at the Cuba Nostalgia Exhibit in Miami,FL. Tony Mendoza Artist.jpg
Tony Mendoza poses with some of his work at the Cuba Nostalgia Exhibit in Miami,FL.

Tony Mendoza (August 24, 1961 in Newburgh, New York) is a Cuban-American artist with a studio in Miami, Florida. Mendoza's style is Primitive Expressionist and "Caricaturista," a type of art that is whimsical in nature. Mendoza works mainly with acrylic on canvas. [1]


Mendoza was born in New York to Cuban-born parents, but raised in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. "Mendoza's simple and colorful paintings uniquely capture the spirit and vibrancy of Miami with a unique style and a great sense of humor." [2] Much of his work centers on the daily life of Little Havana, "the cradle of Cuban culture in Miami." [3]

Mendoza is known for colorful, larger-than-life murals that have become Miami landmarks, "breathing new life into older buildings and creating unique tourist attractions." [4] The murals have been used as a backdrop for TV and print advertising, including a popular television advertisement for the Ford Motor Company. Thousands of tourists have taken photographs in front of one of Mendoza's many murals in Miami. [5]

Mendoza has exhibited his paintings at galleries and shows throughout Florida. His artwork has been featured in the Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Cigar Snob Magazine, Vanidades, Cigar City Magazine, and Selecta Magazine. Mendoza also made an appearance on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) series "Postcards from Buster." Mendoza is the winner of the "2007 Arte de América Hispana Competition." [6]

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