Too Many Years

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Too Many Years
Studio album by Jorma Kaukonen
Released August, 1998
Label Relix Records
Producer Jorma Kaukonen
Michael Falzarano
Jorma Kaukonen chronology
(1996) Christmas1996
Too Many Years
Jorma Kaukonen Trio Live
(2001) Jorma Kaukonen Trio Live2001
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Too Many Years is a Jorma Kaukonen studio album released in August, 1998. It was his last studio album on Relix Records. Michael Falzarano returned to play guitar and help produce (as he did on the previous Kaukonen solo album). He also sang lead on several tracks. The keyboard work was now handled by former Jefferson Starship keyboardist Pete Sears, who had been playing with Hot Tuna since 1992. After this album, the three began to perform as the "Jorma Kaukonen Trio" and recorded a live album for Relix, Jorma Kaukonen Trio Live .

Jorma Kaukonen American guitarist

Jorma Ludwik Kaukonen, Jr. is an American blues, folk, and rock guitarist. Kaukonen performed with Jefferson Airplane and still performs regularly on tour with Hot Tuna, which started as a side project with bassist Jack Casady, and as of early 2019 has continued for 50 years. Rolling Stone magazine ranked him #54 on its list of 100 Greatest Guitarists.

Michael Falzarano American musician

Michael Falzarano is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He has been a professional musician since the 1970s, most notably in Hot Tuna, the New Riders of the Purple Sage, and the Memphis Pilgrims, a Memphis-style rock and roll/blues band that he founded in 1986.

Jefferson Starship American rock band

Jefferson Starship is an American rock band from San Francisco, California that evolved out of the group Jefferson Airplane following the departure of bassist Jack Casady and guitarist Jorma Kaukonen. The band went through several major changes in personnel and genres through the years while retaining the same Jefferson Starship name. The band name was retired in 1985, but it was picked up again in the early 1990s by a revival of the group led by Paul Kantner.


Track listing

  1. "Fools Blues" (Funny Papa Smith) – 4:36
  2. "Big Town" (Ronnie Self) – 5:12
  3. "Too Many Years" (Jorma Kaukonen) – 4:00
  4. "Home of the Blues" (Johnny Cash, Glen Douglas, Lily McAlpin) – 3:14
  5. "Nine Pound Hammer" (Traditional) – 3:45
  6. "Gypsy Fire" (Michael Falzarano) – 5:46
  7. "You Got to Move" (Fred McDowell) – 5:22
  8. "Larue Larue" (Falzarano) – 3:29
  9. "Man for All Seasons" (Kaukonen) – 7:40
  10. "Heaven on Earth" (Kaukonen, Falzarano) – 3:23
  11. "Say No to the Devil" (Rev. Gary Davis) – 4:53
  12. "Hypnotation Blues" (Kaukonen, Falzarano) – 10:59
  13. "Friend of the Devil" (Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter, John Dawson) – 6:04


Pete Sears British musician

Peter Roy Sears is an English rock musician. In a career spanning more than four decades, he has been a member of many bands and has moved through a variety of musical genres, from early R&B, psychedelic improvisational rock of the 1960s, folk, country music, arena rock in the 1970s, and blues. He usually plays bass, keyboards, or both in bands.


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<i>Magic</i> (Jorma Kaukonen album) album by Jorma Kaukonen

Magic is a live Jorma Kaukonen album containing performances of acoustic songs from Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna albums recorded during his solo tour of 1984. After a brief reunion tour in 1983 with Hot Tuna, Jorma had continued to play solo and eventually landed a contract with Relix Records. In addition to releasing Kaukonen's new solo recordings, Relix also released live Hot Tuna recordings from the 1970s, with the albums Splashdown and Historic Live Tuna. In 1995, Michael Falzarano remastered the album and produced a new version that Relix released as the CD Magic Two.

<i>Magic Two</i> live album by Jorma Kaukonen

Magic Two is an expanded re-release of the live Jorma Kaukonen album, Magic, containing performances of acoustic songs recorded during his solo tour in 1984. After Hot Tuna had released two new live albums in the early 1990s on Relix Records, Michael Falzarano remastered and produced new versions of the previous vinyl releases Kaukonen had made for Relix in the 1980s. Magic Two was the first remastered release.

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Too Hot to Handle is a Jorma Kaukonen acoustic solo album released on Relix Records. Kaukonen's wife at the time, Margareta Kaukonen, composed some of the tracks with him and is credited as "Malles Meje."

<i>The Land of Heroes</i> album by Jorma Kaukonen

The Land of Heroes is a Jorma Kaukonen studio album recorded and released in 1995. It was his first new solo album since the mid-1980s. The album incorporated the work of several other musicians, including Michael Falzarano, who had joined Hot Tuna and produced remastered versions of Kaukonen's older Relix Records vinyl releases. Falzarano also produced the new album, and co-wrote some tracks.

<i>Christmas</i> (Jorma Kaukonen album) studio album by Jorma Kaukonen

Christmas is a Jorma Kaukonen studio album released in July 1996. It was the only themed album Kaukonen recorded and was a departure from the usual Rev. Gary Davis influenced tunes. It included new Christmas-themed compositions as well old hymns such as "Silent Night." Like the previous album, The Land of Heroes, Christmas incorporated the work of Michael Falzarano and Fred Bogert. Kaukonen's wife Vanessa also performed vocals and co-wrote one song. It was also the only time Kaukonen performed keyboards on an album.

<i>Jorma Kaukonen Trio Live</i> live album by Jorma Kaukonen

Jorma Kaukonen Trio Live is a live album taken from performances from Jorma Kaukonen's 1999 solo tour, and his last album for Relix Records. Performing with Kaukonen were Michael Falzarano and Pete Sears who had both played on his previous solo album, Too Many Years, and had performed with Hot Tuna on their last release, And Furthurmore.... After release of this album, Kaukonen and Jack Casady began to perform as "Jack & Jorma, The Original Acoustic Hot Tuna" and Falzarano and Sears performed less frequently with Hot Tuna and Kaukonen's solo act, with Sears finally leaving in 2001 and Falzarano leaving in 2002.

<i>River of Time</i> (Jorma Kaukonen album) 2009 studio album by Jorma Kaukonen

River of Time is a Jorma Kaukonen studio album released in 2009 and his 2nd on Red House Records. The album reached #21 on the Billboard "Top Heatseekers" chart, and has received generally favorable reviews. All new recordings make up the album with a combination of songs that had been previously recorded by Hot Tuna, covers, and new compositions. The album was recorded at Levon Helm's studio, and Helm plays drums on some of the tracks. The title song "River of Time" won the Folk Song of the Year Award.

<i>We Are All One</i> 2008 studio album by Michael Falzarano

We Are All One is an album by Michael Falzarano. It was released by Woodstock Records on October 28, 2008.

<i>I Got Blues for Ya</i> album by Michael Falzarano

I Got Blues for Ya is an album by guitarist and singer Michael Falzarano, who is best known as a member of the New Riders of the Purple Sage and, before that, Hot Tuna. His first album in six years, it features Falzarano and his "extended family" of fellow musicians playing ten original blues rock songs and two covers. It was released on the Hypnotation Records label, distributed by Woodstock Records, on July 22, 2014.


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