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Took is a variant of the English surname Tooke, originally found predominantly in the East Anglia region region of the United Kingdom.


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Pippin or Pepin is a masculine given name of Frankish origin with uncertain meaning. The name was borne by various members of the Carolingian family that ruled the Austrasian Empire in the Middle Ages, in what is now France and the western parts of Germany. Most notable, Pepin the Short, the first Carolingian king of the Franks and father of Charlemagne. Other variations of the name are Peppin, Pipin, Pippin (German), Pépin (French), Pepijn (Dutch), Pepino (Italian) or Pepe (Spanish).

Peregrine, Latin Peregrinus, is a name originally meaning "one from abroad", that is, a foreigner, traveller, or pilgrim. It may refer to:

<i>The History of The Lord of the Rings</i> Book

The History of The Lord of the Rings is a four-volume work by Christopher Tolkien published between 1988 and 1992 that documents the process of J. R. R. Tolkien's writing of The Lord of the Rings. The History is also numbered as volumes six to nine of The History of Middle-earth. Some information concerning the appendices and a soon-abandoned sequel to the novel can also be found in volume twelve, The Peoples of Middle-earth.

Total may refer to:

John Horne Tooke British politician

John Horne Tooke, known as John Horne until 1782 when he added the surname of his friend William Tooke to his own, was an English clergyman, politician, and philologist.

The Red Book of Westmarch is a fictional manuscript written by hobbits, a conceit of author J. R. R. Tolkien to explain the source of his fantasy writings.

Shagrat was a British supergroup formed by Steve Peregrin Took and Mick Farren in February 1970 after they split with Twink, their partner in the prototype Pink Fairies supergroup of late 1969. They recruited Larry Wallis and Tim Taylor (bass). Mick Farren left the band shortly after its establishment and never recorded or performed with them. Shagrat then became Took's band outright with Wallis, Taylor, Phil Lenoir (drums), and later Dave Bidwell (percussion).

Steve Peregrin Took English musician

Steve Peregrin Took was an English musician and songwriter. He is best known for his membership of the duo Tyrannosaurus Rex with Marc Bolan. After breaking with Bolan, he concentrated on his own singer-songwriting activities, variously as a solo artist or as a frontman for several bands.

Trevor Thoms, known as Judge Trev Thoms and Judge Trev, was a British guitarist, best known for being a member of Inner City Unit, Atomgods and The Steve Gibbons Band.

Dino Ferari is an Italian drummer who has worked with a number of British bands. He played with former Tyrannosaurus Rex percussionist Steve Peregrin Took's band Steve Took's Horns alongside Trev Thoms on guitar. After The Horns both Thoms and Ferari joined former Hawkwind saxophonist Nik Turner in Inner City Unit.

Thomas Tooke British economist

Thomas Tooke was an English economist known for writing on money and economic statistics. After Tooke's death the Statistical Society endowed the Tooke Chair of economics at King's College London, and a Tooke Prize.

Tooke is an Old English name originally found predominately in the East Anglia region of the United Kingdom.

Adrian Shaw, frequently known as Ade Shaw, is a musician primarily working in the psychedelic field. He has a long history dating back to the 1960s working with such acts as Hawkwind, Country Joe McDonald, Arthur Brown, and the Deviants. Shaw played bass for former Tyrannosaurus Rex percussionist Steve Peregrin Took's band in 1974 and three years later, while appearing with Hawkwind on the former other half of Tyrannosaurus Rex Marc Bolan's TV show, was himself invited to join T.Rex; however Bolan's death very shortly thereafter prevented this.

The Canberra Region Rugby League competition is more commonly known as the Canberra Raiders Cup, covering the Australian Capital Territory and surrounding New South Wales towns Queanbeyan, Goulburn and Yass. The competition is run under the auspices of the Country Rugby League and players are eligible for selection in the Canberra Division of the CRL Tier 1 Divisional Championships. The Canberra district competition has an under 19s, reserve and first grade competitions.


Valmouth is a 1919 novel by British author Ronald Firbank. Valmouth is an imaginary English spa resort that attracts centenarians owing to its famed pure air. The town's name evokes actual seaside towns in the southwest peninsula of Britain, such as Falmouth, Dartmouth, Teignmouth, Exmouth and Weymouth.

John Fortescue Aland, 1st Baron Fortescue of Credan English judge, politician, and writer

John Fortescue Aland, 1st Baron Fortescue of Credan, of Stapleford Abbots, Essex, was an English lawyer, judge and politician who sat in the House of Commons for two years from 1715 to 1717. He wrote on English legal and constitutional history, and was said to have influenced Thomas Jefferson. A member of both the Middle Temple and Inner Temple, he became a King's Counsel in 1714 and was then appointed Solicitor General, first to the Prince of Wales and then to his father George I in 1715. After a short stint as a Member of Parliament, Fortescue Aland was knighted and elevated to the Bench as a Baron of the Exchequer in 1717. He was subsequently a justice of the Court of King's Bench (1718–1727) and of the Court of Common Pleas (1728–1746), save for a brief hiatus between 1727 and 1728 which has been attributed to George II's displeasure with one of his legal opinions.

Peregrin Took, more commonly known simply as Pippin, is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. He is closely tied with his friend and cousin, Merry Brandybuck, and the two are together during most of the story. Pippin and Merry are introduced as a pair of young hobbits who become ensnared in fellow hobbit Frodo Baggins's quest to destroy the One Ring. In this regard, Pippin is a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. He and Merry become separated from the rest of the group at the breaking of the Fellowship and spend much of The Two Towers with their own story line. Impetuous and curious, he enlists as a soldier in the army of Gondor and fights in several battles during the War of the Ring. In the epilogues to the main story, Pippin returns to the Shire and becomes Thain or hereditary leader of the land before dying and being buried as a hero in Gondor.

John Horne (1848–1928) was a Scottish geologist.

William Tooke British clergyman and historian of Russia

William Tooke (1744–1820) was a British clergyman and historian of Russia.

William Tooke FRS (1777–1863) was an English lawyer, politician, and President of the Society of Arts.