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<i>Garfield</i> Comic strip created by Jim Davis

Garfield is an American comic strip created by Jim Davis. Originally published locally as Jon in 1976, then in nationwide syndication from 1978 as Garfield, it chronicles the life of the title character, Garfield the cat; Jon Arbuckle, his human owner; and Odie, the dog. As of 2013, it was syndicated in roughly 2,580 newspapers and journals, and held the Guinness World Record for being the world's most widely syndicated comic strip.


Megatokyo (メガトーキョー) is an English-language webcomic created by Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston. Megatokyo debuted on August 14, 2000, and has been written and illustrated solely by Gallagher since July 17, 2002. Gallagher's style of writing and illustration is heavily influenced by Japanese manga. Megatokyo is freely available on its official website. The stated schedule for updates is Tuesday and Friday, but they typically are posted just once or twice a month on non-specific days. Recently, this schedule has slipped further, due to the health issues of Sarah Gallagher (Seraphim), Fred's wife. Megatokyo was also published in book-format by CMX, although the first three volumes were published by Dark Horse. For February 2005, sales of the comic's third printed volume were ranked third on BookScan's list of graphic novels sold in bookstores, then the best showing for an original English-language manga.

<i>The Bash Street Kids</i>

The Bash Street Kids is a comic strip in the British comic book The Beano. It also appeared briefly in The Wizard as series of prose stories in 1955. The strip, created by Leo Baxendale as When the Bell Rings, first appeared in issue 604. It became The Bash Street Kids in 1956 and has become a regular feature, appearing in every issue. Since 1961, David Sutherland has drawn about 2,100 strips.

<i>Modesty Blaise</i>

Modesty Blaise is a British comic strip featuring a fictional character of the same name, created by author Peter O'Donnell and illustrator Jim Holdaway in 1963. The strip follows Modesty Blaise, an exceptional young woman with many talents and a criminal past, and her trusty sidekick Willie Garvin. It was adapted into films in 1966, 1982, and 2003, and from 1965 onwards eleven novels and two short story collections were written.

Topper or Toppers may refer to:

<i>Minnie the Minx</i>

Minnie the Minx, whose real name is Hermione Makepeace, is a British comic strip and comic strip character published in the comic magazine The Beano. Created and originally drawn by Leo Baxendale, she first appeared in issue 596, dated 19 December 1953, making her the third longest running Beano character behind Dennis the Menace and Roger the Dodger. Minnie is generally considered to be permanently 13 years of age.

Lord Snooty Fictional character in a comic strip in the UK comic The Beano, first appearing in issue 1, dated 30 July 1938

Lord Snooty is a fictional character in a comic strip in the UK comic The Beano, first appearing in issue 1, dated 30 July 1938, and was the longest running strip in the comic until Dennis the Menace and Gnasher overtook it. The central character was Lord Marmaduke of Bunkerton, known to his friends as Snooty, a very ordinary boy who just happens to be an Earl.

<i>The Dandy</i>

The Dandy was a British children's comic magazine published by the Dundee based publisher DC Thomson. The first issue was printed in December 1937, making it the world's third-longest running comic, after Il Giornalino and Detective Comics. From August 2007 until October 2010, it was rebranded as Dandy Xtreme.

Beryl the Peril

Beryl the Peril is a fictional character created by David Law, the creator of Dennis the Menace, for issue 1 of The Topper comic published by DC Thomson & Co. Limited. Like Dennis, she had black and red apparel, and devilishly tormented her parents and other members of her community. Despite not having quite as many appearances as other DC Thomson characters such as Dennis the Menace or Desperate Dan, Beryl is still considered one of the classic characters which define the popularity of British comics.

Winker Watson is a British comic strip, created by Eric Roberts, which ran in the British comic book magazine The Dandy for almost half a century. It debuted in 1961 and only terminated its run in 2007. It was revived in 2012.

Singled Out was a comic strip in the UK comic The Beano. It first appeared in issue 3226, dated 15 May 2004, drawn by Mike Pearse. Based on The Bash Street Kids, Singled Out focuses on one character each week and builds a one-page story around them. Mike Pearse has also included other Beano faces in his strips such as Dennis the Menace, Bea and The Three Bears.

"Joe Soap" is British rhyming slang denoting a foolish stooge or scapegoat, Joe being an ordinary person, with Soap as a rhyme for dope.

Freddy or Freddie may refer to:

Toots Shor's Restaurant was a restaurant and lounge owned and operated by Bernard "Toots" Shor at 51 West 51st Street in Manhattan during the 1940s and 1950s. It was known for its oversized circular bar. It was frequented by celebrities, and together with the 21 Club, the Stork Club, Delmonico's and El Morocco was one of the places to see and be seen. Joe DiMaggio often went there to eat, and that helped make it famous. Toots was said to do personal favors for Joe as well, at no cost.

<i>Piranha Club</i>

Piranha Club is a comic strip written and illustrated by Bud Grace. It was originally called Ernie, but the title was changed in 1998. The club is meant as a parody on Lions Club International, and the strip made its debut in February 1988. In 1989, the Swedish Academy of Comic Art awarded Bud Grace with the Adamson Statuette. Grace received the 1993 National Cartoonists Society's Newspaper Comic Strip Award for his work on the strip.

Bill Ritchie was a Scottish cartoonist. He is known for work on comics published by D. C. Thomson.

<i>Toots and Casper</i>

Toots and Casper was a long-run family comic strip by Jimmy Murphy, distributed to newspapers for 37 years by King Features Syndicate, from December 17, 1918 to December 30, 1956. The strip spawned many merchandising tie-ins, including books, dolls, paper dolls, pins, bisque nodders and comic books.


Pupung is a daily comic strip created by Filipino cartoonist Washington "Tonton" Young. Appearing in the broadsheet Manila Bulletin, the strip revolves around its title character, a young boy, and his family and household. Pupung's family maintains a lugawan, a restaurant which mainly serves rice congee dishes.

<i>Tinas Groove</i>

Tina's Groove was a comic strip by Rina Piccolo with a restaurant setting. Distributed by King Features Syndicate, it began in 2002. The comic strip ended its run on July 2, 2017.