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Umuawulu is a town in Awka South Local Government Area (LGA) of Anambra State, Nigeria located at 6°09′0″N7°06′0″E / 6.15000°N 7.10000°E / 6.15000; 7.10000 Coordinates: 6°09′0″N7°06′0″E / 6.15000°N 7.10000°E / 6.15000; 7.10000 . The estimated population of Umuawulu by 2005 is 20,150. According to INEC register of voters 2011, Umuawulu has 4,323 total number of registered voters distributed among the 3 villages as follows, Enugwu 2,532; Umuenu 769; Agbana 1,022.

Umuawulu was ruled by H.R.H. Eze G.C. Igboamazu, alias Eze Udo (Peace King) and the Igwe 1 of Umuawulu from 1977 to 2000.

There are two primary schools and two secondary schools. One of the secondary schools, Holy Cross High School, is one of the oldest schools in South East Nigeria. There are 12 churches, including one Anglican and one Roman Catholic Church. Umuawulu is made up of three villages: Enugwu, Umuenu and Agbana, with three markets, Oye Umuawulu, Oye Umuenu and Nkwo Agbana market, each in the three villages respectively. The three markets serve as collection centers for the neighboring communities because of the strategic position of the town. The famous, however, is Oye Umuawulu located in Enugwu village. Umuawulu has boundaries with five towns, on the North is Isiagu, on the East is Amaetiti, on the West is Nibo and on the south, it is bounded by Awgbu and Mbaukwu, the later being the ancestral brother of Umuawulu.

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The Umuoji people are those whose roots can be traced to the town of Umuoji, in Idemili North - a local government area in Anambra State, Nigeria. These people are an Igbo speaking ethnic group, whose early history is adversely affected by a lack of, or non-existent, written records. Umuoji is bounded by Ogidi, Ojoto, Uke, Abatete and Nkpor and has an estimated population of 80,000 people which includes local residents in its 23 villages and citizens in diaspora.

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