Unidad Anti-Terrorista

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The Chilean Counter-Terrorism Unit(Spanish: Unidad Anti-Terrorista) or UAT is a tactical unit of the Chilean Air Force designated to handle terrorist threats.

Chilean Air Force Air warfare branch of Chiles armed forces

The Chilean Air Force is the air force of Chile, a branch of the Chilean military.

The team is composed of Air Force officers experienced in close combat and terrorist situations (i.e.: hostage situations, bomb situations) and specially airplane kidnapping.

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Counter-terrorism activity to defend against or prevent terrorist actions

Counter-terrorism incorporates the practice, military tactics, techniques, and strategy that government, military, law enforcement, business, and intelligence agencies use to combat or prevent terrorism. Counter-terrorism strategies include attempts to counter financing of terrorism.

Gendarmerie military force charged with police duties among civilian populations

A gendarmerie or gendarmery is a military component with jurisdiction in civil law enforcement. The term gendarme is derived from the medieval French expression gens d'armes, which translates to "armed people". In France and some Francophone nations, the gendarmerie is a branch of the armed forces responsible for internal security in parts of the territory with additional duties as a military police for the armed forces. This concept was introduced to several other Western European countries during the Napoleonic conquests. In the mid twentieth century, a number of former French mandates or colonial possessions such as Lebanon, Syria, and the Republic of the Congo adopted a gendarmerie after independence.

GIGN elite police tactical unit of the French National Gendarmerie

GIGN is the elite police tactical unit of the French National Gendarmerie. Its missions include counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, surveillance of national threats, protection of government officials, and targeting organized crime.

National Security Guard Indian special forces unit

The National Security Guard (NSG) is an Indian special forces unit under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). It was raised in 1984, following Operation Blue Star and the assassination of Indira Gandhi, "for combating terrorist activities with a view to protect states against internal disturbances".

Maldives National Defence Force military of the Maldives

The Maldives National Defence Force is the combined security organisation responsible for defending the security and sovereignty of the Maldives, having the primary task of being responsible for attending to all internal and external security needs of the Maldives, including the protection of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and the maintenance of peace and security.

Riot police

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A police tactical unit (PTU) is a specialized police unit formed and trained to handle situations that are beyond the capabilities of ordinary law enforcement forces because of the level of violence - or risk of violence - involved. Their missions include serving of search warrants for dangerous persons, arresting or neutralizing dangerous or deranged armed persons and intervening in high risk situations such as shootouts, hostage taking and terrorist incidents.

The Agrupación de Comandos Especiales Aéreos formerly known as Grupo Anti-Secuestro de Aviones is an elite unit of the Colombian Air Force, although it is under the operational command of the CIAES.

Military organization or military organisation is the structuring of the armed forces of a state so as to offer such military capability as a national defense policy may require. In some countries paramilitary forces are included in a nation's armed forces, though not considered military. Armed forces that are not a part of military or paramilitary organizations, such as insurgent forces, often mimic military organizations, or use ad hoc structures, while formal military organization tends to use hierarchical forms.

The Chiles-Whitted UFO encounter occurred on July 24, 1948 in the skies near Montgomery, Alabama. Two commercial pilots, Clarence S. Chiles and John B. Whitted, claimed that at approximately 2:45 AM on July 24 they observed a "glowing object" pass by their plane before it appeared to pull up into a cloud and travel out of sight. According to Air Force officer and Project Blue Book supervisor Edward J. Ruppelt, the Chiles-Whitted sighting was one of three "classic" UFO incidents in 1948 that convinced the personnel of Project Sign, Blue Book's predecessor, "that UFOs were real," along with the Mantell UFO incident and the Gorman dogfight. However, later studies by Air Force and civilian researchers indicated that Chiles and Whitted had seen a meteor, possibly a bolide, and in 1959 Project Blue Book formally stated that a meteor was the cause of the incident.

Police Tactical Group (PTG) is a highly trained Australian police tactical unit that responds to and resolves high-risk incidents, including terrorist incidents. Police Tactical Groups are fundamental to the Federal government's National Counter-Terrorism Plan (NCTP) to respond to major terrorist incidents in Australia. The Plan initially developed in 1980, then known as the National Anti-Terrorism Plan, is overseen by the Australia-New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee (ANZCTC). The Plan requires each state and territory police to maintain a police tactical unit designated as a Police Tactical Group which is jointly funded by the federal government and the respective state or territory government.

Chilean naval mutiny of 1931

The Chilean naval mutiny of 1931 was a violent rebellion of Chilean Navy enlisted men against the government of Vice President Manuel Trucco.

Carabineros de Chile PolicĂ­a de Chile

Carabiniers of Chile are the Chilean national police force, who have jurisdiction over the entire national territory of Chile.

156th Airlift Wing

The 156th Airlift Wing is a unit of the Puerto Rico Air National Guard, stationed at Muñiz Air National Guard Base, in Carolina, Puerto Rico. If activated to federal service, the Wing is gained by the United States Air Force Air Mobility Command.

162nd Fighter Wing

The 162nd Fighter Wing is a unit of the Arizona Air National Guard, stationed at Tucson Air National Guard Base, Arizona. If activated to federal service, the wing is gained by the United States Air Force Air Education and Training Command.

The 51 Special Action Group is a special response unit of the National Security Guards (NSG) of India. It was raised by the Cabinet Secretariat under the National Security Guard Act of 1985.

German intervention against ISIL

The German intervention against ISIL was authorized on 4 December 2015. The involvement of the country in the Syrian Civil War and the Iraqi Civil War began with the Bundeswehr mission in Syria and Iraq to combat the terrorist organization ISIL. The mission was primarily created as a reaction to the November 2015 Paris attacks.

The National Special Operations Force (NSOF) is Malaysia's main security force which serves as the first responder to any terror threats on the country's sovereignty. The force covers elements from the Malaysian Armed Forces, Royal Malaysia Police and the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency.