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Waterwheel is an "interactive and collaborative platform", [1] capable of being used as a medium for sharing media and ideas, performances and presentations. It allows users to upload and engage with media, and provides a platform through which the media can be utilised and expanded on in a live performance. Waterwheel was instigated by Suzon Fuks. [2]

Suzon Fuks is an intermedia artist, choreographer and director exploring the integration and interaction of dance and moving image through performance, screen, installation and online work. She is the founder of the Waterwheel interactive performance platform.

Waterwheel is a free Thematic digital performance platform [3] that sends out an invitation to everyone, “performers and artists, scientists and environmentalists, students and academics”, anyone who is capable of accessing their facilities to, in their own words, “test the water”. [4]

Digital Performance is a very wide category filled with a range of productions, it is a generic performance but with an extra element of incorporating and integrating computer technologies and techniques into the production. You can incorporate multimedia into any type of performance whether it is live on a theatre stage or in the street. Anything as small as video recordings or a visual image classes the production as multimedia and therefore a digital performance. When the key role in a performance is the computer technologies rather than it being an additional role is when it is classed as a digital performance. This can be as little as projections on a screen in front of a live audience to creating and devising a performance in an online environment to using animation and sensing software’s.

There have been symposiums held to discuss the matters Waterwheel stand for. [5] [6]


In ancient Greece, the symposium was a part of a banquet that took place after the meal, when drinking for pleasure was accompanied by music, dancing, recitals, or conversation. Literary works that describe or take place at a symposium include two Socratic dialogues, Plato's Symposium and Xenophon's Symposium, as well as a number of Greek poems such as the elegies of Theognis of Megara. Symposia are depicted in Greek and Etruscan art that shows similar scenes.

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