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Wawrzyniec is a Polish masculine given name. Notable people with the name include:

Wawrzyniec Cyl Polish footballer

Wawrzyniec Cyl was a Polish footballer who played all of his career in ŁKS Łódź. He played four times for Poland national football team from 1923 to 1925. He represented Poland at 1924 Summer Olympics.

Wawrzyniec Grzymała Goślicki Polish bishop

Wawrzyniec Grzymała Goślicki was a Polish nobleman, Bishop of Poznań (1601–1607), political thinker and philosopher best known for his book De optimo senatore (1568).

Wawrzyniec Samp is a Polish sculptor and graphic artist.

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Grzymała coat of arms

Grzymała - is a Polish coat of arms. It was used by several szlachta families in the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Wawa may refer to:

The Monitor was one of the first newspapers in Poland, printed from 1765 to 1785, during the Polish Enlightenment. It was founded in March 1765 by Ignacy Krasicki and Franciszek Bohomolec, with active support from King Stanisław August Poniatowski. It came out weekly, later semi-weekly. Its title was a tribute to the "small" Monitor published by Prince Adam Kazimierz Czartoryski.

Yavoriv City in Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Yavoriv is a city located in Lviv Oblast (region) of western Ukraine near the Polish border. It is the administrative center of Yavoriv Raion and rests approximately 50 kilometres west of the oblast capital, Lviv. Its population is approximately 13,057 (2017 est.).

Sokół Polish offshoot of the Czech Sokol movement

Sokół, or in full the "Falcon" Polish Gymnastic Society, is the Polish offshoot of the Czech Sokol movement, and the oldest youth movement organization of Poland. Created in Lwów in 1867, by the end of World War I the movement had its units – gniazda ("Nests") – in all parts of Poland, as well as among the Polish communities abroad. The group's goal was to develop fitness, both physically and mentally, with a motto mens sana in corpore sano.

Laurynas Gucevičius Polish-Lithuanian architect

Laurynas Gucevičius was an 18th-century architect from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and most of his designs were built there.

Wawrzyniec Żmurko Polish mathematician

Wawrzyniec Żmurko was a Polish mathematician, professor of Lviv University and Lviv Polytechnic, honoris causa of Lviv University, member of Polish Academy of Learning. He was a president of Polish Copernicus Society of Naturalists (1879-1881). In 1885-1886 he was Rector of the Lviv University. He was the father of a painter, Franciszek Żmurko.

Wawrzyniec Jerzy Żuławski, also known as Wawa, was a Polish alpinist, educator, composer, music critic, and musicologist. He was a professor of Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Muzyczna in Warsaw. Żuławski was an initiator and organiser of Polish alpinism. During World War II he was a member of Armia Krajowa and was a soldier during the Warsaw Uprising.

<i>De optimo senatore</i> book by Wawrzyniec Grzymała Goślicki

De optimo senatore was a book by Wawrzyniec Grzymała Goślicki published in Venice in 1568, republished in Basel (1593), and then translated into English and published in 1598 and in 1607.

The Bishopric of Culm was a Roman Catholic diocese in Chełmno Land, founded in medieval Prussia in 1243 and disbanded in 1992.

Samp is dried and partially broken maize kernels.

Maciej Szczęsny Polish footballer

Maciej Wawrzyniec Szczęsny is a former footballer from Poland, who played for Legia Warsaw, Widzew Łódź, Polonia Warsaw and Wisła Kraków as a goalkeeper. He participated in the UEFA Champions League with Legia Warsaw and Widzew Łódź (1996–97). He is the only player to have won a Polish championship with four different clubs . Szczęsny played seven times for the Poland national football team, though six of those appearances came in friendlies.

Wawrzyńcowice Village in Opole, Poland

Wawrzyńcowice, German Lorenzdorf is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Strzeleczki, within Krapkowice County, Opole Voivodeship, in the south-western Polish region of Upper Silesia. It lies approximately 7 kilometres (4 mi) south-west of Strzeleczki, 12 km (7 mi) south-west of Krapkowice, and 29 km (18 mi) south of the regional capital Opole.

The 132nd Fighter Escadrille of the Polish Air Force was one of the fighter units of the Polish Army in 1939. It was attached to the Army Poznań.

Wawrzyniec Staliński Polish association football player

Wawrzyniec Staliński was a Polish international footballer who played for the national team in the 1920s. He is regarded as the very first star of Polish football. During his career he played for Posnania Poznań, and Warta Poznań where he won the Polish national championship in 1929. He appeared 13 times for his country scoring 11 goals.

CYL may refer to:

Wawrzyniec Stegmann was a Polish Arian scholar, and the last rector of the Racovian Academy from 1634 to 1638.

Wawrzyniec Karol de Teisseyre (1860–1939) was a Polish geologist who is known for his work on the southern part of the Trans European Suture Zone and Galician and Romanian geology.

Spycimir, also Spyćmier, Spyćmir, Spyćmierz, Spićymierz, etc., is an old Polish masculine given name. Etymology: spyci-: "in vain", -mir: "peace". Diminutives: Spytko, Spytek. Its name day is April 26.