We're in This Together

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"We're in This Together"
Were in this together 1.jpg
Single by Nine Inch Nails
from the album The Fragile
Released September 27, 1999
Format CD
Length7:16 (album version)
5:18 (single version)
Label Nothing
Songwriter(s) Trent Reznor
Producer(s) Trent Reznor, Alan Moulder
Nine Inch Nails singles chronology
"The Day the World Went Away"
"We're in This Together"
"Into the Void"
Halo numbers chronology
"Halo 14"
(1999) Halo 141999
"Halo 15"
(1999) Halo 151999
"Halo 16"
(2000) Halo 162000
Additional covers
We're in this together 2.jpg
Disc 2
Were in this together 3.jpg
Disc 3
We're in This Together 1999 Promo.jpg

"We're in This Together" is a three-disc single (also known as "triple single") by industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails for the song of the same name released in 1999. It is the 15th official Nine Inch Nails release and is a single for the album The Fragile .

Single (music) Type of music release usually containing one or two tracks

In the music industry, a single is a type of release, typically a song recording of fewer tracks than an LP record or an album. This can be released for sale to the public in a variety of different formats. In most cases, a single is a song that is released separately from an album, although it usually also appears on an album. Typically, these are the songs from albums that are released separately for promotional uses such as digital download or commercial radio airplay and are expected to be the most popular. In other cases a recording released as a single may not appear on an album.

Industrial rock music genre

Industrial rock is a musical genre that fuses industrial music and rock music.

Nine Inch Nails American industrial rock band

Nine Inch Nails, commonly abbreviated as NIN, is an American industrial rock band formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1988. The band consists of producer and multi-instrumentalist Trent Reznor, as well as English musician Atticus Ross. Over the course of their three-decade existence, the band has signed with several major labels, the most current being Capitol Records, under the name The Null Corporation.



According to The Fragile contributor Keith Hillebrandt, "the whole song started from something [Reznor] actually played at the end of another track ... he wrote it up into an entirely new song". [1]

The lyrics seems to be inspired by David Bowie's song "‘Heroes’" from the same-named 1977 album, [2] such as with the line "You're the queen and I'm the king" [3] and describing two people trying to fight against an ominous and seemingly unstoppable force. Bowie, who is recognized as one of Reznor's greatest influences, is given a special thanks credit in the liner notes of The Fragile.

David Bowie British musician, actor, record producer and arranger

David Robert Jones, known professionally as David Bowie, was an English singer, songwriter and actor. He was a leading figure in the music industry and is considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, acclaimed by critics and musicians, particularly for his innovative work during the 1970s. His career was marked by reinvention and visual presentation, with his music and stagecraft having a significant impact on popular music. During his lifetime, his record sales, estimated at 140 million albums worldwide, made him one of the world's best-selling music artists. In the UK, he was awarded ten platinum album certifications, eleven gold and eight silver, and released eleven number-one albums. In the US, he received five platinum and nine gold certifications. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

<i>"Heroes"</i> (David Bowie album) 1977 studio album by David Bowie

"Heroes" is the 12th studio album by English musician David Bowie, released on RCA Records on 14 October 1977. The second installment of his Berlin Trilogy recorded with Brian Eno and Tony Visconti, "Heroes" continued the ambient experiments of Bowie's previous album Low and featured the contributions of King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp. Of the three albums, it was the only one wholly recorded in Berlin.

MTV 's Gil Kaufman described the song as "a seven-minute-plus cathartic pop song with somewhat hopeful lyrics over a plodding hip-hop beat, walls of distorted guitars and an eerie slasher-film cricket sound". [4]

MTV American pay television channel

MTV is an American pay television channel owned by Viacom Media Networks and headquartered in New York City. The channel was launched on August 1, 1981, and originally aired music videos as guided by television personalities known as "video jockeys" (VJs). At first, MTV's main target demographic was young adults, but today it is primarily teenagers, particularly high school and college students.

Both "10 Miles High" and "The New Flesh" originally appeared on the vinyl version of The Fragile.

The song was featured in the first official teaser trailer for Marvel Studios film The Avengers . [5]

Marvel Studios, LLC is an American motion picture studio based at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California and is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, itself a wholly owned division of The Walt Disney Company, with film producer Kevin Feige serving as president. Previously, the studio was a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment until Disney reorganized the companies in August 2015.

<i>The Avengers</i> (2012 film) 2012 superhero film produced by Marvel Studios

Marvel's The Avengers, or simply The Avengers, is a 2012 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the sixth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The film was written and directed by Joss Whedon and features an ensemble cast that includes Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, and Jeremy Renner as the titular Avengers team, alongside Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Stellan Skarsgård, and Samuel L. Jackson. In the film, Nick Fury, director of the spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D., recruits Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and Thor to form a team that must stop Thor's brother Loki from subjugating Earth.

Music video

Reznor in the music video We're in This Together music video.jpg
Reznor in the music video

The song's music video was directed by Mark Pellington and released on August 27, 1999. [6] [7] An extended version of the video has since surfaced. Trent Reznor and a large group of black-clothed men are seen running down empty streets, onto a train, and into a field. There are also shots of several elderly people, and a brief scene with a young woman.

Mark Pellington American film director

Mark Pellington is an American film director, writer, and producer.

Trent Reznor American musician

Michael Trent Reznor is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and film score composer. He is the founder, lead vocalist, and principal songwriter of the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, which he founded in 1988 and of which he was the sole official member until adding long-time collaborator Atticus Ross as a permanent member in 2016. His first release under the Nine Inch Nails name, the 1989 album Pretty Hate Machine, was a commercial and critical success. He has since released nine Nine Inch Nails studio albums. He left Interscope Records in 2007 and was an independent recording artist until signing with Columbia Records in 2012.

The video was filmed in Guadalajara and in the dry lake of Sayula. [8] [9]


"We're in This Together" was released on a three-part single, which was only available in Europe and Japan; it was not released in the United States. Two radio promos (the first with the album mix and radio edit of the song, the second with just a unique short edit of the song) were released in America as Halo 15 as well. [10] [11] [12]

Track listing

Disc 1 (Orange)
1."We're in This Together"7:16
2."10 Miles High"5:13
3."The New Flesh"3:40
Total length:16:09
Disc 2 (Green)
1."We're in This Together" (Radio edit)5:18
2."The Day the World Went Away" (Quiet)6:19
3."The Day the World Went Away" (Porter Ricks mix)7:04
Total length:18:41
Disc 3 (Yellow)
1."We're in This Together"7:16
2."Complications of the Flesh"6:36
3."The Perfect Drug"5:42
Total length:19:34



Chart (1999)Peak
US Hot Modern Rock Tracks [13] 11
US Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks [14] 21
UK Singles Chart [15] 39

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Tapeworm (band) musical ensemble

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Starfuckers, Inc. single

"Starfuckers, Inc." is a song by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails from its fourth studio album, The Fragile (1999). Although the song does not have an official halo, an edited promotional single for "Starfuckers, Inc.", retitled "Starsuckers, Inc.", was distributed with exclusive radio edits, and a video for the song was produced.

Nine Inch Nails discography discography

American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails have released nine studio albums, one live album, three remix albums, one box set, six extended plays, 20 singles, nine promotional singles, four video albums and 31 music videos. Nine Inch Nails has also contributed to numerous film soundtracks as well as the soundtrack to the video game Quake.

Nine Inch Nails, an industrial rock band fronted by Trent Reznor, did various live performances throughout the world, including tours in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. While Reznor controls the creative and musical direction of Nine Inch Nails in-studio, the touring band performs different arrangements of the songs in live settings. In addition to regular concerts, the band has performed in both supporting and headlining roles at festivals such as Woodstock '94, Lollapalooza 1991 and 2008, as well as many other one-off performances including the MTV Video Music Awards. Prior to their 2013 tour, the band played 938 gigs.

Trent Reznor discography discography

This is a comprehensive discography of Trent Reznor, an American musician, singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist most famous as the frontman and primary creative force behind the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails. Reznor has also been associated with the bands Option 30, Exotic Birds, and Tapeworm, among others.

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<i>Another Version of the Truth</i> 2009 video by Nine Inch Nails

Another Version of the Truth was an independently released live concert video documenting Nine Inch Nails' 2008 Lights in the Sky tour made available throughout late 2009/early 2010 on Blu-ray, DVD, and various other online formats. Another Version of the Truth is also the title of an instrumental track on Nine Inch Nails' 2007 album Year Zero. The video is a 3-disc set bringing together numerous editors, designers, and web programmers to create a professional digital film, followed by a physical release created "by fans for fans".

Copy of a 2013 single by Nine Inch Nails

"Copy of a" is a song by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, released as the second single from their eighth studio album, Hesitation Marks (2013). It was originally released as a free digital download on Amazon.com in the United States and the United Kingdom for a limited time starting August 13, 2013. On August 20, the song was made available on the iTunes Store. It was also made available to those who had pre-ordered the album from Nine Inch Nails' official online store, together with "Came Back Haunted" in a zip file labeled "Hesitation Marks Singles".


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