William Piers

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William Piers may refer to:

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Eustace Name list

Eustace, also rendered Eustis, is the rendition in English of two phonetically similar Greek given names:

The term coadjutor is a title qualifier indicating that the holder shares the office with another person, with powers equal to the other in all but formal order of precedence.

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Piers is an old English given name and surname, and has the same origins as Peter. Its meaning is 'rock, stone'.

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William Smyth was an English bishop.

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Bigod's rebellion of January 1537 was an armed rebellion by English Roman Catholics in Cumberland and Westmorland against King Henry VIII of England and the English Parliament. It was led by Sir Francis Bigod, of Settrington in the North Riding of Yorkshire.

St Wilfrids Church, Halton-on-Lune Church in Lancashire, England

St Wilfrid's Church is an Anglican church in Halton-on-Lune, a village in the English county of Lancashire. It is an active parish church in the Diocese of Blackburn and the archdeaconry of Lancaster. Halton may have been the site of an ancient Anglo-Saxon minster. Of the current structure, the tower dates from the 16th century and the remainder was built 1876–77 by Paley and Austin. The church is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade II listed building.

Perowne is an English surname which is a double diminutive of Piers and of Huguenot origin. It may refer to:

William Piers, D.D. was an English Anglican priest in the 17th century.