Zuk (surname)

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Zuk is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Eva Maria Zuk Mexican pianist

Eva Maria Zuk was a Polish-Mexican piano concertist. She was raised in Venezuela and New York City. She began music studies with her mother at the age of 4.

Judith Daria Zuk was an American horticulturist, author and conservationist who served as president of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden from 1990 to 2005.

Marlene Zuk American evolutionary biologist

Marlene Zuk is an American evolutionary biologist and behavioral ecologist. She worked as professor of biology at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) until she transferred to the University of Minnesota in 2012. Her studies involve sexual selection and parasites.

Fictional characters:

Robin Skelton was a British-born academic, writer, poet, and anthologist.

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Dick, Dicks, or Dick's may refer to:

Jook-sing or zuk-sing (竹升) is a Cantonese term for an overseas Chinese person who was born in a Western environment or a Chinese person who more readily or strongly identifies with Western culture than traditional Chinese culture.

Zhang (surname) Surname list

Zhang is the pinyin romanization of the very common Chinese surname written in simplified characters and in traditional characters. It is spoken in the first tone: Zhāng. It is a surname that exists in many languages and cultures, corresponding to the surname 'Archer' in English for example. Chang is the Wade-Giles romanization; Cheung is commonly used in Hong Kong as romanization.

Zuk may refer to:

Esme Melville was an Australian theatre, television and film actress. At the Tropfest awards for 2003 she won Best Actor – Female for her role of Granma in the short film, Forbidden. At the 2007 Australian Film Institute Awards she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Miss Collard in Romulus, My Father. Her theatre roles included Mrs. Bedwin in Oliver!. Melville had four separate ongoing roles on television soap opera, Neighbours, including as Rose Belker during 2006. She died on 14 September 2006 after a short illness, aged 88.

Zhou (surname) Surname list

Zhōu is the Hanyu Pinyin transliteration of the Chinese family name 周, which now ranks as the 10th most common surname in Mainland China, and 71st in South Korea. It has been one of the ten most common surnames in China since the Yuan Dynasty.

Scott is a surname of Scottish origin. It is first attributed to Uchtredus filius Scoti who is mentioned in the charter recording in the foundation of Holyrood Abbey and Selkirk in 1120 and the border Riding clans who settled Peebleshire in the 10th century and the Duke of Buccleuch.

Bai (surname) Surname list

Bái is the pinyin romanisation of the common Chinese surname 白, meaning the colour white. With its variants, Bai was ranked 79th within the list of common Chinese surnames in 2006, down from 70th in 1990.

Norman is both a surname and a given name. The surname has multiple origins including English, Irish, Scottish, German, Norwegian, Ashkenazi Jewish and Jewish American. The given name Norman is mostly of English origin, though in some cases it can be an Anglicised form of a Scottish Gaelic personal name.

Bing often refers to:

Zhuk, Żuk (Polish), or Žuk, written Жук in Cyrillic, means beetle in Slavic languages. It may refer to:

Batiz is a surname and a place name. It may refer to:

Zuk, Iran village in South Khorasan, Iran

Zuk is a village in Qaen Rural District, in the Central District of Qaen County, South Khorasan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 15, in 6 families.

William Zuk was born in New York City to Alex and Mary Zuk, immigrants to the United States from Ukraine, on July 6, 1924. He died on July 28, 2005. He was an American engineer, architect, author, teacher, and futurist. After serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II, Zuk taught at the University of Virginia for 37 years. His career there began in the Civil Engineering school in 1958. In 1964 he transferred to the School of Architecture, where he taught structures until 1992, retiring as Professor Emeritus.

ZUK Z1 mobile phone model

The ZUK Z1 is an Android smartphone manufactured by ZUK Mobile, in collaboration with Lenovo. Unveiled in August 2015, it is the first product by ZUK. In most markets outside China, the ZUK Z1 ships with the Cyanogen OS operating system pre-installed. Cyanogen OS is a commercial variant of CyanogenMod. The device was released with Cyanogen OS 12.1, based on Android 5.1 "Lollipop", and was never updated to Cyanogen OS 13, based on Android 6.0 "Marshmallow". In China, the ZUK Z1 ships with its own ZUI distribution, based on Android 5.1 "Lollipop".

ZUK Mobile

ZUK Mobile was a Chinese smartphone company founded in May 2015, and a subsidiary of Lenovo. It was headquartered in Beijing. The brand ceased operations in 2017, when Lenovo shifted its smartphone focus to Motorola.

Kamila Żuk is a Polish biathlete. She competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics.