22 Jacks

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22 Jacks
Origin California, United States
Years active
  • 1995–2001
  • 2007–present
Members Joe Sib
James Achor
Bill Fraenza
Jose Medeles
Past members Steve Soto
Sandy Hansen
Dave Nassie
Matt Riddle
Kelly LeMieux
C.J. Ramone
Chris Shiflett
Jason Cropper

22 Jacks is an American punk rock supergroup, consisting of members of Wax, The Breeders, The Adolescents and Royal Crown Revue. They were active from 1995 to 2001, and again from 2007 on.



In late 1995, Joe Sib after the breakup of his band Wax, decided to get together with longtime friend Steve Soto (former member of The Adolescents and Agent Orange) to write some material. They started writing songs and soon noticed that something special was taking place. They soon gathered Sandy Hansen (The Adolescents), Scott Shiflett (Face to Face), and Jason Cropper (Weezer) to form 22 Jacks. In February 1996, 22 Jacks went to The Sandbox studio in Los Angeles and recorded 12 songs which became the "Uncle Bob" record. With the three final additions to the band already having prior commitments, Sib and Soto went on a search for replacements to solidify the lineup. They found Kelly LeMieux (Fear), Jose Medeles (The Breeders, and Face to Face), and Bill Fraenza.

Before a fourth album could be recorded, 22 Jacks called it quits around 2001 as Sib left the band to concentrate on the future of SideOneDummy Records. Following the breakup, Soto went on to reform The Adolescents and Medeles also joined the reunion of The Breeders as their new drummer.

During its six-year lifespan 22 Jacks toured with numerous bands, including Reel Big Fish, Lit, The Bloodhound Gang, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Goldfinger, Social Distortion, Bouncing Souls, Unwritten Law, Face to Face, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and Ten Foot Pole. They also sang back up for Joey Ramone on a song for a Cheap Trick Tribute album. This helped spark a friendship that lead to Joey Ramone showing up at 22 Jacks concerts and even singing a song or two with them.

Reunion and Soto's death

On December 13, 2007, Punkbands.com reported that 22 Jacks had reformed to play three shows in California in January 2008, making it their first performance together since breaking up in 2001. On one of the dates, they were supported by Social Distortion. It was also announced that there may be a follow-up to that tour. As of this moment, the band has not yet expressed plans for a new studio album.

On June 27, 2018, founding member Steve Soto died suddenly in his sleep at the age of 54 just days after finishing a tour with his band The Adolescents. [1]


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<i>Live at the House of Blues</i> (Adolescents album) 2004 live album and concert film by the Adolescents

Live at the House of Blues is a live album and concert film by the American punk rock band the Adolescents, released in February 2004 on Kung Fu Records as part of the label's The Show Must Go Off! series. It marked a reunion of the band after a twelve-year breakup, and features songs from their original 1980–81 run and from their then-upcoming reunion album OC Confidential (2005).


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