Alfa Papa Tango

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Alfa Papa Tango was a 1990 - 1991 Belgian romantic TV drama series directed by Vincent Rouffaer, written by Guy Bernaert and Mark De Bie. The music was composed by Brian Clifton. [1]



and Heddie Suls, Doris Van Caneghem, Marijke Hofkens, Jeannine Schevernels, Diane De Ghouy...

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Vincent Rouffaer is a Belgian television director. He directed Belgian TV series such as Alfa Papa Tango in 1990 and Alle maten since 1998.

Guy Bernaert was a Belgian television writer. He has written Belgian TV series such as Alfa Papa Tango in 1990 which he co-wrote with Mark De Bie.

Mark De Bie is a retired Belgian television writer.

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Hilde Van Mieghem</span> Belgian actress

Hilde Van Mieghem is a Belgian actress.