Angela Desveaux

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Angela Desveaux
Origin Montreal, Quebec, Canada
alternative country
Years active2005 present
Labels Thrill Jockey
Sonic Unyon

Angela Desveaux is a Canadian singer-songwriter, based in Montreal, Quebec, whose style blends a diverse mix of pop, rock and country influences. [1]



Raised on Cape Breton Island, Desveaux later moved to Montreal and began performing as a vocalist with local country and folk bands, and released a self-titled independent album in 2005. She subsequently met Howard Bilerman, a producer and musician associated with Arcade Fire, who helped her to assemble a band and to record her 2006 album Wandering Eyes . [1]

She released her third album, The Mighty Ship, in 2008. [2]

Desveaux's supporting band currently consists of Julie Doiron on guitar, Eric Digras on bass and Gilles Castilloux on drums.


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