Anna Stuart

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Anna Stuart
Born (1948-11-01) November 1, 1948 (age 70)
Years active1971–present
James Cromwell (m. 2014)

Anna Stuart (born November 1, 1948) is an American actress. She has primarily played roles in daytime soap operas.

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A soap opera is an ongoing drama serial on television or radio, featuring the lives of many characters and their emotional relationships. The term soap opera originated from radio dramas being sponsored by soap manufacturers.



Stuart got her start on The Doctors [1] as lab technician Toni Ferra, a role she played from 1971 to 1976. Her character was involved in a triangle with Dr. Mike Powers and Dr. Alan Stewart. She followed up her work on The Doctors originating the role of Dr. Gina Dante Lansing on rival soap General Hospital (1977-1978) where she was reunited with her former "The Doctors" co-star Gerald Gordon who played her brother, Dr. Mark Dante.

<i>The Doctors</i> (1963 TV series) American television soap opera series (1963-1982)

The Doctors is an American daytime soap opera television series which aired on NBC from April 1, 1963, to December 31, 1982. There were 5155 episodes produced, with the 5000th episode airing in May 1982. The series was set in Hope Memorial Hospital in a fictional town called "Madison."

<i>General Hospital</i> American daytime television medical drama

General Hospital is an American daytime television medical drama. It is listed in Guinness World Records as the longest-running American soap opera in production and the second longest-running drama in television in American history after Guiding Light. Concurrently, it is the world's third longest-running scripted drama series in production after British serials The Archers and Coronation Street, as well as the world's second-longest-running televised soap opera still in production. General Hospital premiered on the ABC television network on April 1, 1963. General Hospital is the longest-running serial produced in Hollywood, and the longest-running entertainment program in ABC television history. It holds the record for most Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series, with 13 wins.

In 1981, she filled in for Maeve Kinkead on Guiding Light as Vanessa Chamberlain while Kinkead was on maternity leave. It was during this time that Vanessa was a prime suspect in the murder of Diane Ballard. This was Stuart's first time playing a schemer on the soaps, and led to playing other sophisticated trouble-makers on practically every New York based soap.

Maeve Kinkead is an American soap opera actress.

<i>Guiding Light</i> television series

Guiding Light is an American television soap opera. It is listed in Guinness World Records as the longest-running drama in television in American history, broadcast on CBS for 57 years from June 30, 1952, until September 18, 2009, overlapping a 19-year broadcast on radio from 1937 to 1956. With an uninterrupted 72 years of radio and television runs, Guiding Light is the longest running soap opera, ahead of General Hospital, and the fifth-longest running program in all of broadcast history; only the American country music radio program Grand Ole Opry, the BBC religious program The Daily Service (1928), the CBS religious program Music and the Spoken Word (1929), and the Norwegian children's radio program Lørdagsbarnetimen (1924-2010) have been on the air longer.

"Another World"

Stuart is best known for her role as Donna Love Hudson on Another World , which she played from January 1983 to November 1986 and again from February 1989 to the show's final episode in June 1999. The role of Donna Love was originally written as a very complex society snob (resembling Iris Cory), interfering in the love life of her brother Peter (by succeeding in busting up his relationship with the divorced Sally Frame and then conspiring against her former friend, Cecile de Poulignac) and dating Iris's ex-husband, Bay City mayor Brian Bancroft. At first a supporting character, Donna was slowly made a lead as she became involved in a triangle with ex-husband Carl Hutchins and flashy novelist Felicia Gallant. Her storyline became more complex when it was revealed that not only was her sister Marley really her illegitimate daughter, but had actually given birth to her twin, Victoria, as well. As Stuart became more popular, a major romance was created for her with Michael Hudson (Kale Browne) who was Victoria and Marley's father. The Michael/Donna pairing remains one of the show's top supercouples.

<i>Another World</i> (TV series) American television soap opera

Another World is an American television soap opera that aired on NBC from May 4, 1964, to June 25, 1999. It was created by Irna Phillips along with William J. Bell, and was produced by Procter & Gamble Productions at NBC Studios, 1268 East 14th Street in Brooklyn.

David Charles "Kale" Browne is an American actor. He was born in San Rafael, California. Browne was the first to play the roles of Michael Hudson on Another World and Sam Rappaport on One Life to Live (1998–2001). Browne has a son, Nicholas, with former wife Karen Allen. He was married to Allen from 1988 to 1998.

When Stuart left the show in 1986, the role of Donna was recast with Philece Sampler, who had previously played Renee Dumonde DiMera Banning Marshall on Days of Our Lives in the early 1980s. The recast however was panned by soap periodicals and after two years, Sampler's contract was terminated when Stuart expressed interest in returning to Another World. Her return was highlighted by her being asked to be a part of the show's 25th-anniversary Soap Opera Digest cover.

Philece P. Sampler is an American actress. She got her start on the serial Days of Our Lives and the soap opera Another World. She has also voiced in various characters in English-language dubs of Japanese anime and animation.

<i>Days of Our Lives</i> daytime soap opera

Days of Our Lives is an American daytime soap opera broadcast on the NBC television network. It is one of the longest-running scripted television programs in the world, airing nearly every weekday since November 8, 1965. It has since been syndicated to many countries around the world. Until the network's closure in 2013, Soapnet rebroadcast episodes of Days on a same-day basis each weeknight at 8:00 and 10:00. The series was created by husband-and-wife team Ted Corday and Betty Corday. Irna Phillips was a story editor for Days of Our Lives and many of the show's earliest storylines were written by William J. Bell.

<i>Soap Opera Digest</i> weekly magazine covering American daytime soap operas

Soap Opera Digest is a weekly magazine covering American daytime soap operas. It features onscreen and offscreen news about the series, interviews with and articles about performers, storyline summaries and analysis, and related promotional information. Founded in 1975, the magazine has historically included certain prime time soap operas in its coverage as well.

Stuart took medical sabbaticals from her role as Donna in 1990 and 1993, during which former GL and Another World co-star Sofia Landon briefly played the role. In the early 1990s, Donna began a May–December romance with Matthew Cory (Matt Crane), which proved to be very popular. As the 1990s went on, however, the character was written in such a way that longtime viewers no longer recognized Donna. Stuart was quoted in Soap Opera Digest after Another World's cancellation as saying that if the show had not been canceled in 1999, she would have left the role due to her disapproval regarding her character's direction. When Michael Hudson was killed off in 1997, Donna's behavior became particularly bizarre with the character blaming her daughter Victoria for causing Michael's death.

Matthew Crane is an American actor, usually credited as Matt Crane.

After the show's cancellation, Stuart and several other cast members played their characters on the soap opera As the World Turns in an attempt to lure fans of Another World to watch that program (also a Procter & Gamble soap). Stuart's appearance was initially to have lasted for two episodes in order to help introduce the character of Jake McKinnon to the show, but she ended up recurring on the show for almost three years as Donna paid Jake occasional visits after the death of his wife Victoria. Her final appearance in April 2002 took place when Jake was suddenly killed off, with Marley (Ellen Wheeler) and Donna taking Jake and Victoria's children back to Bay City with them.

After "Another World"

In April 2002 Stuart filled in for former Another World co-star Linda Dano as Rae Cummings on One Life to Live while Dano was on sick leave.

Immediately following this, Stuart began the role of Mary Smythe (Greenlee's neglectful and self-centered mother) on All My Children where she played opposite former Another World castmate Mark Pinter. She is one of the few actors to have appeared on three soaps in one calendar year. Originally meant to be written in for only a short stint, the character became integral in a plotline in which Mary revealed that Jackson Montgomery was Greenlee's natural father, making her the latest in the long line of rivals to that show's reigning queen, Erica Kane. Mary had a brief romance with Adam Chandler before disappearing off the canvas in 2005. She returned to the show for two episodes in 2009.

In 2010, Stuart debuted on the internet based soap opera Gotham.

Stuart attended the 2012 Oscars and the 2013 Emmys with James Cromwell.

Personal life

Stuart married actor James Cromwell on January 1, 2014, at the home of her former Another World co-star Charles Keating. [2] [3]




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Ellen Jayne Wheeler is an American actress, director and producer. She has appeared in several soap operas, including Another World and All My Children. In 1986, she won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for her work as twins Marley and Vicky Love Hudson on Another World. In 1988, she won another Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her work as Cindy Parker Chandler on All My Children. Wheeler's character was one of the first characters with AIDS on daytime television. Wheeler also made a memorable guest appearance as Phyllis Wicke in the 1991 primetime revival of the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows.

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Rae Cummings

Rae Cummings is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live. Dano played the role from 1978 to 1980, June 28, 1999 to November 1999, and May 2000 to March 12, 2004.

Vicky Hudson

Vicky Hudson is a fictional character that appeared on the NBC daytime soap opera Another World and the CBS daytime soap opera As the World Turns. The character was killed in a plane crash in November 1999, but remained as a ghost through 2001.

Marley Love

Marley Love is a fictional character from the NBC daytime soap opera Another World. After AW was cancelled, the character crossed over to the CBS daytime soap opera As the World Turns for guest appearances between 2000 and 2003.


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