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Art Camacho
OccupationDirector, Fight choreographer, actor, producer, stuntman

Art Camacho is an American film director, producer, actor and stuntman. His directorial work includes Recoil in 1998, 13 Dead Men in 2003, Confessions of a Pit Fighter in 2005 and Half Past Dead 2 in 2007; Assasin X in 2016, and Wild League in 2018,. His acting work includes Chinatown Connection in 1990, The Power Within in 1995, Tiger Heart in 1996 and Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home. Camacho's autobiography "A filmmaker's Journey" was published in 2017.



Camacho started out producing and directing commercials before moving into directing, choreographing and producing action films. By 2015, he had worked in at least 50 action films as either stuntman or choreographer. [1] One of the films he has directed is Recoil which is from PM Entertainment, the company responsible for many of the direct to video action films in the 1990s to early 2000s. Camacho went on to write, producer and direct several other films. Camacho's credits include Seized starring Scott Adkins, Dead Trigger starring Dolph Lundgren, Half Past Dead starring Steven Seagal. He also directed his first film in Russia: Wild League. [2] One of Camacho's influences is Eric Lee. [3]


TitleYearNotes #
The Power Within1995
Little Bigfoot1997
Recoil 1998
Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home1998
The Cutoff1998
The Company Man1998
Point Doom2000
Final Payback2001
13 Dead Men 2003
Confessions of a Pit Fighter 2005
Soft Target2006
Half Past Dead 2 2007
Flawed 2014
The Chemist2016
Father and Father2018 [4]

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