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The Atlas of Canada (French : L'Atlas du Canada) is an online atlas published by Natural Resources Canada that has information on every city, town, village, and hamlet in Canada. It was originally a print atlas, with its first edition being published in 1906 by geographer James White and a team of 20 cartographers. Much of the geospatial data used in the atlas is available for download and commercial re-use from the Atlas of Canada site or from GeoGratis. Information used to develop the atlas is used in conjunction with information from Mexico and the United States to produce collaborative continental-scale tools such as the North American Environmental Atlas.

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Reference work Publication to which one can refer for confirmed facts

A reference work is a work, such as a book or periodical, to which one can refer for information. The information is intended to be found quickly when needed. Such works are usually referred to for particular pieces of information, rather than read beginning to end. The writing style used in these works is informative; the authors avoid use of the first person, and emphasize facts.

Atlas Collection of maps

An atlas is a collection of maps; it is typically a bundle of maps of Earth or of a region of Earth.

Prince Charles Island Island in Canada, off the west coast of Baffin Island

Prince Charles Island is a large, low-lying island with an area of 9,521 km2 (3,676 sq mi), making it the world's 77th largest island and the 19th largest island in Canada. It is located in Foxe Basin, off the west coast of Baffin Island, in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada. Despite the island's size, it was not discovered until 1932, when the tug captain W. A. Poole first sighted it. His information never made it onto any published map. It was rediscovered in 1948 by Albert-Ernest Tomkinson navigating an Avro Lancaster for the RCAF 408 (Photo) Squadron, though it was likely known to the local Inuit long before that. The island was named for British Prince Charles, who was born in November the same year. The island is uninhabited and its temperatures are extremely cold.

Everymans Library

Everyman's Library is a series of reprints of classic literature, primarily from the Western canon. It is currently published in hardback by Random House. It was originally an imprint of J. M. Dent, who continue to publish Everyman Paperbacks.

The vastness of Canada's Northwest Territories meant that for much of its history it was divided into several districts for ease of administration. The number and size of these territorial districts varied as other provinces and territories of Canada were created and expanded. The districts of the Northwest Territories were abolished in 1999 with the creation of the Nunavut territory and the contraction of the Northwest Territories to its current size.

<i>Canadian Medical Association Journal</i> Peer-reviewed general medical journal

The Canadian Medical Association Journal is a peer-reviewed general medical journal published by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). It publishes original clinical research, analyses and reviews, news, practice updates, and editorials.

<i>Times Atlas of the World</i> World atlas

The Times Atlas of the World, rebranded The Times Atlas of the World: Comprehensive Edition in its 11th edition and The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World from its 12th edition, is a world atlas currently published by HarperCollins Publisher L.L.C. Its most recent edition, the fifteenth, was published on 6 September 2018.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta is a Russian newspaper published by the Government of Russia. The daily newspaper serves as the official government gazette of the Government of the Russian Federation, publishing government-related affairs such as official decrees, statements and documents of state bodies, the promulgation of newly approved laws, Presidential decrees, and government announcements.

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation was established by Canada, Mexico, and the United States to implement the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC), the environmental side accord to the North American Free Trade Agreement. The CEC's mission is to facilitate cooperation and public participation to foster conservation, protection and enhancement of the North American environment for the benefit of present and future generations, in the context of increasing economic, trade and social links among Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Statistics Canada conducts a national census of population and census of agriculture every five years and releases the data with a two-year lag.

<i>National Atlas of the United States</i>

The National Atlas of the United States was an atlas published by the United States Department of the Interior from 1874 to 1997.

Human settlement Community of any size, in which people live

In geography, statistics and archaeology, a settlement, locality or populated place is a community in which people live. The complexity of a settlement can range from a minuscule number of dwellings grouped together to the largest of cities with surrounding urbanized areas. Settlements may include hamlets, villages, towns and cities. A settlement may have known historical properties such as the date or era in which it was first settled, or first settled by particular people.

The Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg is a data centre which collects and distributes astronomical information . It was established in 1972 under the name Centre de Données Stellaires by the National Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (INAG). The on-line services currently provided by the CDS include:

Bird atlas

A bird atlas is an ornithological work that attempts to provide information on the distribution, abundance, long-term change as well as seasonal patterns of bird occurrence and make extensive use of maps. They often involve a large numbers of volunteers to cover a wide geographic area and the methods used are standardized so that the studies can be continued in the future and the results remain comparable. In some cases the species covered may be restricted to those that breed or are resident. Migration atlases on the other hand cover migratory birds depict maps showing summaries of ringing and recoveries.

The West Branch Pocwock Stream is a tributary of the Pocwock River flowing in:

Johns River is a tributary of the Lake Memphremagog, flowing in the municipality of Derby in northern Vermont, in United States and in the municipality of Stanstead (city), Quebec in the Memphremagog Regional County Municipality (RCM), in the administrative region of Estrie, south of Quebec, in Canada.

De La Galette River River in Quebec, Canada

The De La Galette River is a tributary of the southern shore of Gouin Reservoir, flowing into the territory of the town of La Tuque, in the administrative region of the Mauricie, in Quebec, in Canada.

The Pan Inuit Trails Atlas is an interactive database that depicts traditional place names and routes used by the Inuit in the Canadian Arctic, showing connections between Inuit communities from Greenland to Alaska, focusing on the eastern Canadian arctic region. The database is a geospatially-organized collection of material drawn from published and unpublished sources held in public libraries and archives throughout Canada.

Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera Taxonomic database

The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera (IRMNG) is a taxonomic database which attempts to cover published genus names for all domains of life from 1758 in zoology up to the present, arranged in a single, internally consistent taxonomic hierarchy, for the benefit of Biodiversity Informatics initiatives plus general users of biodiversity (taxonomic) information. In addition to containing over 490,000 published genus name instances as at March 2020, the database holds over 1.7 million species names, although this component of the data is not maintained in as current or complete state as the genus-level holdings. IRMNG can be queried online for access to the latest version of the dataset and is also made available as periodic snapshots or data dumps for import/upload into other systems as desired.