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BAA Ground
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Location Rangoon, Burma
Establishment1927 (first recorded match)
As of 8 October 2011
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The Burma Athletic Association Ground (BAA Ground) was a cricket ground in Rangoon, Burma (today Yangon, Myanmar). It was built as an athletic ground in 1906, which was completed in 1909, where many sports were held such as cricket, football and tennis. [1] [2] The first and only recorded match on the ground came in 1927 when Burma played its only first-class match against the touring Marylebone Cricket Club. [3] The match ended in a heavy defeat for Burma. [4] Cricket in Burma (which was at the time administered as part of the British Raj) was a mainly British affair, with the game played by British officials. With Burmese independence in 1948, cricket became largely extinct in the country, and The BAA Ground was renovated and renamed as Bogyoke Aung San Stadium in 1953. [1] [5]

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Finance and Revenue Football Club, currently known as Mountain Lion FC, and formerly known as Rangoon Customs, is a Burmese professional football club operated by the Ministry of Finance and Revenue of Myanmar. The club is the most successful club in the history of the now defunct Burmese top-division football league. They won a total of 17 Burma First Division championships prior to 1996, and 9 Myanmar Premier League championships between 1996 and 2008. The club completed its dominance in the last edition of First Division football in 2009 by winning the Myanmar Premier League Cup 2009.

Rangoon Gymkhana cricket team was a scratch cricket team formed in Rangoon, Burma. The team played a single first-class match in January 1927 at the Gymkhana Ground against the touring Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), resulting in a draw.

Charles Henry Florence D'Arcy McCarthy was an English cricketer, born in Coimbatore which was then in the British Raj. McCarthy was a right-handed batsman who bowled leg break.

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The 2016 General Aung San Shield Final is the 6th final of the MFF Cup. The General Aung San Shield winner will qualify to AFC Cup competition. The match was contested by Yangon United and Magwe at Bogyoke Aung San Stadium in Yangon. The match was played on 17 August 2016 and was the final match of the Bogyoke Aung San Cup.

The 2017 General Aung San Shield is the third season of Myanmar knockout football competition. The tournament is organized by the Myanmar Football Federation. It is the league cup competition started in 2017 Myanmar football season. This cup succeeded the Myanmar Football Federation Cup. MFF has changed the cup competition style as follows.

Herbert Reid Aston was an Irish first-class cricketer and rugby union international.

The 1953 Colombo Cup was the second edition of the Colombo Cup held in Rangoon, Burma. India won the cup for a second time by winning all thee matches. It was India's first outright win in an international football tournament played abroad. The team received the rolling Colombo Cup and a Special Burma Cup for permanent retention.

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