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Berliner Morgenpost
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The 29 January 2011 front page of Berliner Morgenpost
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Funke Mediengruppe
Editor Carsten Erdmann
Founded1898;124 years ago (1898)
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
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Berliner Morgenpost is a German newspaper, based and mainly read in Berlin, where it is the second most read daily newspaper.


History and profile

Founded in 1898 by Leopold Ullstein, the paper was taken over by Axel Springer AG in 1959. It was sold to Funke Mediengruppe in 2013. [1] The paper had a circulation of 145,556 issues in 2009, with an estimated 322,000 readers [2] The current editor-in-chief is Carsten Erdmann. [3]

It was awarded the European Newspaper of the Year in the category of regional newspaper by the European Newspapers Congress in 2012. [4]


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