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Blaq Poet
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Screenshot of Blaq Poet from music video "Catch My Drift" by Ruc featuring Blaq Poet.
Background information
Birth nameWilbur Bass
Also known asThe Poet
Born (1969-05-31) 31 May 1969 (age 51)
Origin Queensbridge, New York City, United States
Genres Hip Hop
Years active1987–present
LabelsYear Round Records
Associated acts Screwball, DJ Hot Day, DJ Premier, M.O.P., Nick Javas

Wilbur Bass (born 31 May 1969), [1] better known as Blaq Poet is an American rapper from Queensbridge, New York, United States. [2]


Blaq Poet was first heard in the track "Beat You Down" from the Bridge Wars during 1987, a diss song towards KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions. [3] At that time Poet was at least 17 years old, as stated in a 2009 radio interview. During 1991, Poet and DJ Hot Day made a duo called PHD (Poet & Hot Day) and released their debut album, Without Warning on Tuff City Records. They released after that album several 12 inch singles and an EP until 1996 when they parted ways due to being unable to find another record label. Poet went on to team up with KL, Hostyle and Solo, creating the group Screwball. They released two albums and a compilation together before Poet went solo with the street album Rewind: Deja Screw, released 2006. The album featured production from DJ Premier amongst others. Poet later on signed to DJ Premier's Year Round Record label and released his second album, Tha Blaqprint in 2009 with the majority production coming from DJ Premier and guest appearances from the likes of Lil' Fame and N.O.R.E. as well as labelmates NYGz and Nick Javas. On the remix version of Ain't Nuttin' Changed, a single from Tha Blaqprint, he collaborated with west coast rappers MC Eiht and Young Maylay. In 2010 he featured on parisian producer & rapper VENOM "vigilantes" 12 inch single, title remixed by DJ Premier. Blaq Poet is currently working on an album with producers Stu Bangas from Guns-N-Butter, and Vanderslice to be released on Stu's label Brutal Music. In 2007, Poet appeared on the track "Victory", on KRS-One and Marley Marl's 2007 album Hip Hop Lives, which was released as proof that The Bridge Wars had ended. On November 3rd, 2020 Blaq Poet released an LP with Serious Truth titled "Cultural Revolution" [4] reflecting on current events.


Guest appearances

List of non-single guest appearances, with other performing artists, showing year released and album name
TitleYearOther artist(s)Album
"Crime Library"2012 Vinnie Paz God of the Serengeti

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<i>Tha Blaqprint</i> 2009 studio album by Blaq Poet

Tha Blaqprint is the second studio album by American hip hop recording artist Blaq Poet, released June 30, 2009 on DJ Premier's record label Year Round Records via Fat Beats Records. It features guest appearances by the also Year Round Records signed group NYGz and Nick Javas, Capone-N-Noreaga member N.O.R.E., Imani Montana, Lil' Fame from M.O.P., and the late Screwball member KL. The album was entirely produced by DJ Premier, except for two tracks: "U Phucc’d Up", produced by Easy Mo Bee, and "Sichuwayshunz", produced by Gemcrates. Several tracks have been released on various mixtapes, such as "Blaq Out" or "No Talent Required", dating all the way back to 2006. The album's lead single, "Ain't Nuttin' Changed", has been released in February 2009. There's also a remix version to the single, released in June 2009. It features verses by MC Eiht from Compton's Most Wanted and Young Maylay from Ice Cube's Lench Mob Records.

Rewind: Deja Screw is the debut studio album by American Queensbridge hip hop emcee Blaq Poet since 1991's Without A Warning together with producer DJ Hot Day. Released on March 21, 2006 through Traffic Entertainment, the album features a mix of old and new verses by Poet over all new beats, hence the title. The three main producers are 45 Scientific from France, DJ Premier, and Blaq Poet himself, although Easy Mo Bee and The Alchemist both contribute a track each. Poet's cousin, KL, who died in early 2008, makes three appearances on the LP.

<i>DJ Premier Presents Get Used To Us</i> 2010 compilation album by DJ Premier

DJ Premier Presents - Get Used To Us is a compilation album by American hip hop DJ and record producer DJ Premier. The album was released on his Year Round Records on December 7, 2010. It features collaborations from frequent DJ Premier's collaborators and a few newcomers. The album was well received by critics.

<i>In Death Reborn</i> 2014 studio album by Army of the Pharaohs

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