Brett Battles

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Brett Battles
Born Ridgecrest, California
Genre thriller, suspense

Brett Battles is an American author from Los Angeles, California.


Publishing History

Brett Battles' first novel, The Cleaner (2007), introduced recurring character Jonathan Quinn, freelance intelligence operative. "The Cleaner" was nominated for the Barry Award for Best Thriller. [1]

His second novel, The Deceived (2008), won the Barry Award for Best Thriller. [1]

His third novel, Shadow of Betrayal, continues the adventures of freelance operative and "cleaner" Jonathan Quinn. Shadow of Betrayal was published in the United Kingdom under the title The Unwanted (Preface Publishing, 2009).

This fourth novel, The Silenced, was released by Dell in 2011.


Jonathan Quinn Series

1The CleanerDelacorte Press2007978-0-44-024370-0
2The DeceivedDelacorte Press2008978-0-38-534157-8
3The UnwantedDelacorte Press2009978-0-38-534158-5
4The SilencedDell Publishing2011978-0-44-024567-4
5The DestroyedCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2012978-1-47-763551-3
6The CollectedCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2012978-1-48-005538-4
7The EnragedCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2013978-1-49-055702-1
8The DiscardedCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2014978-1-49-732447-3
9The BuriedCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2015978-1-50-874694-2
10The UnleashedCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2016978-1-53-031430-0
11The AggrievedCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2017978-1-54-673146-7
12The FracturedCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2018978-1-72-030827-0
13The DamagedIndependently Published2019978-1-07-750454-7
14The UnknownIndependently Published2020978-1-65-387835-2
15The VanishedIndependently Published2020979-8-57-559949-4

Note: In the US, The Unwanted was sold under the title Shadow of Betrayal.

Logan Harper Thrillers

1Little Girl GoneCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2011978-1-46-118928-2
2Every Precious ThingCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2011978-1-46-806402-5

Project Eden Thrillers

1SickCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2012978-1-46-118926-8
2Exit 9CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2012978-1-47-500956-9
3Pale HorseCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2012978-1-47-760883-8
4AshesCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2012978-1-48-115833-6
5Eden RisingCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2013978-1-49-288995-3
6Dream SkyCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2014978-1-49-475305-4
7DownCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2014978-1-50-336680-0

Rewinder Series

3SurvivorCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform2017978-1-54-313151-2

Night Man Chronicles

1Night ManIndependently Published2019978-1-79-655055-9
2InsidiousIndependently Published2020979-8-64-413501-1
3MercyIndependently Published2021979-8-50-039637-2

Stand-Alone Novels

The Pull of GravityAmazon Digital Services, Inc.2011B005H1O4DG
No ReturnPreface Publishing2012978-1-84-809290-7
MineCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2016978-1-53-506715-7

Short Stories


July 10, 2011– Becoming Quinn (A Jonathan Quinn Novel): A prequel to the series

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