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David Charles Brindley AKC (born 11 June 1953, Wednesbury, West Midlands) [1] is a retired Church of England priest and the most recent Dean of Portsmouth. [2]

Brindley was educated at Wednesfield Grammar School and at King's College London. [1] After VSO in Lebanon he studied for the priesthood at St Augustine's College, Canterbury and was ordained in 1977. He was a curate at Epping and then a lecturer at the College of St. Paul and St. Mary, Cheltenham. [3]

After this he was Vicar of Quorn from 1982-86, and then Principal of the West of England Ministerial Training Course until becoming Team Rector of Warwick, a post he held until his current appointment.[ citation needed ]

He was collated, inducted and installed Dean of Portsmouth at Portsmouth Cathedral on 16 November 2002. [4] He retired effective 10 June 2018. [5]

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